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Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Agga, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Agga Community Member

    Hiya Guys I'm pretty new to this and this will be the 1st time I've tried a new PC build from scratch I bought these parts new but I want to use my old ram and more worrying my old HDrive which ofc has the OS on it Windows 7
    I do have a Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Boot disk.So I am I best putting it all together and seeing if the mobo recognises my old hardware or should i format the HD 1st or what?? any help advice would be appreciated,I know its not the best kit in the world but its all I could spring to with kids etc:)

    Asus M4A87TD/USB3 870 Socket AM3 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboar

    AMD Athlon II X3 445 3.1 GHz - Socket AM3 1.5 MB cache Retail Box Processor

    XFX HD 5770 1GB Single Slot Cooler Edition 850MHz Dual DVI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card
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    Tal The Architect

    Back up the data you want to save first.

    Set up your new system with your old HD and RAM. The. Stick the windows CD in and boot from it. Go for the fresh install again and start from scratch.

    You could get lucky that windows works without the reinstall but I would never do it when changing so much hardware as you will be prone to some weirdness.
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    Agga Community Member

    Ok Tal will do that,I was just a bit worried that it wouldn't see the HD in the Bios with it having an OS on it but I spose it wont really matter if i do a clean install, and set it to boot from CD. Thx for the input m8 if I'm struggling can I 'pick your brains' a bit more I should get it delivered over the w/e. Was wanting to set it up for following monday should be pretty busy as i gotta do a clean install on my Dads laptop as well!!
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    Ary Community Member

    This, in other HD or other comp.

    You can always do a clean install if u happen to have another HD around, so u can install the MB, graphics... drivers etc, then just switch HDDs, unless u want to also clean ur old HD then use that one.

    Try to always clean install when you change so many parts of a rig, as Tal said u can always get lucky and make it work without a clean install, but most of the times big changes lead to incompatibility due to, for example, different drivers from ur old setup, no recons on new parts, different BIOS settings...etc. [IMG]
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    Agga Community Member

    Cheers Ary , ye I can do that I have an External 1TB that keep all my music, films and shizzle on
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    senstein Community Member

    well, i think w7 can accept new hardware until it has internet connection.

    i done that once. throw hdd with w7 to complete different machine, i wasnt intending to keep OS on that drive, and just wanted to try whats going to happen if i load it. and what do you think... after 2 or 3 restarts (for driver installation) it worked just fine.

    whatever you will choose, GL.

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