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Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Relinquished, May 27, 2012.

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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    As of today Windows decided it no longer wants to open a file browser in any application.
    Wherever there is a "Browse File" or "Open" button, it simply does not work anymore.

    I do not know what is causing this.
    The last thing I installed that might have tampered with my sytem files was Windows Live Essentials.

    I did a system Restore to before i installed that (which was yesterday) and it did not fix it.

    What MIGHT have something to do with this is an automatic scandisk that occured this morning which found and "corrected" some mistakes.

    My Windows 7 x64 is installed on an SSD.

    I tried using the sfc/scannow command cause I read that it fixes any broken system .dlls BUT it stops scanning at 88% saying it could not complete the scan.
    I proceeded to installing any Windows updates just in case.

    Anyone has any kind of solution short of re-installing Windows (which i am bored as hell to do)???
    Or at least an alternative to sfc.exe?

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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    to give you an example, if i try to upload an image here on the forums, as soon as I press the "Insert" button the dialog box simply disappears and nothing happens.
    same goes for everything that requires a dialog box to open for me to select a file.

    edit: Rerun sfc/scannow in Safe Mode, it still got stuck at 88%
    Meanwhile i found out that things like MS Paint or Notepad can still use the "Open" function.
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    Tent Community Member

    I would probably start off checking for SSD problems.
    Whatever brand of SSD should probably have some tool that can check it for you.

    If that's done and ok you could try the Repair windows thing.
    Never done it before, but without a backup or reinstalling I don't see many other solutions.

    Might want to wait and see what others have to say though.
    Last time I fixed these kinds of issues XP was the hype.
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    Screenager Community Member

    ok further information please, somebody else will probably pick this up before me tonight but

    1) what applications are having this issue
    2)are you able to file>open in these applications at all ? need to see if this is specific to your web browser and will tend to a registry issue maybe rather than a file acess problem
    3) what make and model of ssd pls ?
    4) if i remebre right logs are in windows for this can you fire them up and
    5) how long does this hang(?) for or does it reportan error

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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    1)Windows Media Player for example cannot "open" a file. Can only drag and drop.
    Chrome cannot use an "open" function to attach files to an e-mail for example.
    Deamon tools does not open a "browse" window to select an image file.
    2)File>Open or any similar command will simply do nothing.
    3)will check when i get home. Kingston if i remember correctly.

    5)sfc simply stops at 88% (doesnt hang) and reports that it could not complete the requested operation. No other reasons are given.

    I am using ESET essentials but i dont think it has anything to do with it. As I said, tried the above in safe mode which does not run eset and still got the error.

    I am quite positive this is my SSD acting up on me but i just feel like there should be a way to fix this. Its not like my whole windows instalation is broken.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    it's probably either a corrupted windows install or your SSD has given up the ghost.

    If you have a win7 dvd try running that and repairing your OS from the dvd boot menu.

    As for the hard disk, I googled briefly and this looks like a possible tool to run to check for errors , assuming you don't have one provided by the manufacturer. Intel has a fairly solid set of SSD analysis tools, so I imagine most manufacturers do too.

    You could always try the intel SSd toolbox, might be in luck and your drive might be supported
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    cheers asta, will do that first thing when i get home.
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    Screenager Community Member

    yup, sorry for the questions had to be 100% sure that wasnt user perception issues and have you running round on a wild goose chase.

    at this point youll want to go through the windows repair as above

    Kingston dont have any utilities and without knowing the model they have a habit of rebranding intel drives (at least they used to) so at a shot in the dark what asta said should be good if the repair doesnt work

    worst case (absolute worst) you can hdderase.exe (aka nuke it from orbit)
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    or simply never reinstall an OS on an SSD for the next 10 years.
    I found the model and Astas solution did not work for the record. The Intel apps did not work for the Kingston drive and the other app that did work couldnt find any errors.

    Thanx for the help guys. At least now i know my options in case this happens again.

    ps. It's an SV100S2 64Gb in case anyone is wondering.
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Hijacking this thread for a related problem. I'm getting blue screens and think its related to my Crucial M4 SSD. Anyone have a tool to check the SSD? Cheers!
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    check if intel toolbox supports.
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    Screenager Community Member

    yup youll want a utility that supports smart if it supports that youll be good to check it... erm i think another generic one is ssdlife but if i remember this right its essentially jsut smart reporting but hey its free and generic

    bear in mind I dont get to play with ssd's much so im basing it on best knownledge
    the joys of working for corporate america... they dont like shelling out for decent kit :p
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    you live in america or you just work for an american company? I'm fairly sure they don't let scots in america, even the US has a higher language requirement than that! :p
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    Screenager Community Member

    LOL i work for bank of new york, worked for D(H)ell previously

    you munter :p
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    Screenager Community Member

    only place with a lower language requirement than my work is .. oh yeah scotland
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    im very familiar with the dell scottish call centres. First I get through to an indian call centre, they explain my issue requires second line support, so I get put through to scotland. I then ask to be put back through to india so I can actually understand them.
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    Screenager Community Member

    LOL.. hey im long gone the words the guys want to hear are "two way swap"

    you wouldnt beleive the shite they have to go through to get you a part... if you jsut say "done a two way swp with a known good replacement issue follows the components "

    bang part booked done

    otherwise... yeah its the bullshit 20 min for a hdd you know is fooked

    i know its balls but hp.. theyre worse.. wouldn't log a call for me when i wasnt at the pc... like wouldn't even OPEN the call :eek:
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    Screenager Community Member

    oh.. and yeah.. imagine this... scottish tech support supporting indian users.. ... man... its painfully painful for everyone
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    Alomancy Community Member

    I just worked in Canada for a year as lvl 3 tech support (networks). I had to recalibrate my Scottish accent so the Canadians/Americans could understand me. now back in Scotland and they think I sound Canadian.... I shall never win. =D

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