Need help with game flickering / freezing.

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Skarrj, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Skarrj Community Member

    Well, this happened after i cleaned my computer with brush thing that im using to dust / clean it with. Always used it and never had this problem before now.

    The screen is flickering /tearing up and eventually freezing when i am playing RIFT and other intensive 3-D applications.

    It is not overheating, cause all my components are below 40-50'C. Downloaded the latest drivers and im out of ideas of what the problem can be.

    I know it must be something with my graphic card, but dont know what and how to fix it.

    I have tried with v-sync on / off and still the same problem. If i use V-sync on the game freezes alot faster instead of flickering abit and then freezing.

    Two things happends in-game:
    - The game is either tearing up / flickering and eventually freezing. I can still tab out / CTRL+Alt + delete and restart game.
    - The game is tearing up / flickering for some while then screen turning black for 5 sec and my FPS dropped from 50 to 10-15. I can still play with this FPS and my flicker / tearing up is minimal.

    Video with V-sync on;

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    Ary Community Member

    Uninstall those, get older version, ie if its 10.0 get the 9.x ones see how it goes [IMG]

    Direct X etc also have a check on that
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    What I would say to check first is if your graphics cards are forcing Anti Aliasing on. If your using ATI cards then it is almost a certainty that the Catalyst Control Center will be set to force AA on. If your using Nvidia cards then the Nvidia desktop tray should be set to use game specific settings by default, but you may have changed it at some point by mistake.

    In both instances, there should be an option under advanced graphics or AA settings to either "use game specific AA settings" or "force AA on <usually with a dropdown box to choose 2x, 4x etc.>". Make sure you are using game specific and in your RIFT options, set AA to "none".

    This is needed as RIFT does not support AA.

    If you check all this and it is still not working and you have already tried Ary's advice with downloading older DX files, then I don't know what it could be if you are saying that your PC can run other graphically intensive applications with no issues.

    Post an update with how you get on trying to fix this.
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    Skarrj Community Member

    Okey, thanks for help. Tried as mentioned and going to try to format tomorrow to see if that helps. Still the same problem :/

    I did write that the same happends with other same graphic intense games Aspira.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Ah I miss-read it, thought you said "doesn't happen", my bad. [IMG]
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    Skarrj Community Member

    Seems that formatting my comp worked. Thanks for giving me tips and ideas :)
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    Tal The Architect

    Had this problem with some nVidia drivers a few months ago. Would definitely say it's the cause but sometimes it's just quicker and easier to reformat than go through the hassle of finding some dodgy files IMO.
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    Skarrj Community Member

    Hehe, yeah it does. But unlucky me some "new" problems came now..
    Two problems;
    - The game is suddenly freezing (making me tab out and in again, and its fine). Like every 30 min or so, totally random.
    - Screen is turning black for 5 sec and FPS dropped from 50 to 15. I can still play with this FPS. Tabbing out doesn't work, only restarting game does.

    I have no longer any issues with flicker / tearing in my screen.

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    Tal The Architect

    Well you have a few choices...

    1) Try other drivers
    2) Reformat again and install slightly older drivers
    3) Buy a new graphics card :(
    3.1) if you are going to buy a new one, try fixing your current one by first preheating a oven and putting it in for 5-10 mins so it fixes any soldering you could have loosened with your brush.

    3.1 may sound dumb but I've seen it fix a lot of components before including mobos. You can even freeze broken hard drives to get about 10 mins use of them if you need to recover some important docs :p
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    Divinitas Community Member

    You havn't done something stupid like leave a bit of the brush in the PC have you? :p

    From your description if it was working absolutely fine previous to you cleaning it (which is what you said in your post) and it was having this issue BEFORE you changed your drivers (i.e. previous to cleaning it your drivers were working fine) then it is unlikely to be DX, AA, v-sync or anything else like that.

    I imagine Tal is on the right lines with 3/3.1 either you have damaged the gfx card or the slot, you might want to get back in there and have a poke around.

    Are you sure the reading is right for your GFX card? 40-50C is fairly low while under load of a heavy GFX game, unless you have some serious cooling that is, and all the problems above could be easily explained by overheating.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Yeh, on average (with standard cooling) you GFX card should sit around the 70-80 mark under heavy load, I agree with Div that all the problems your describing could be attributed to overheating - grab FanSpeed (or similar) and check the temps of your GFX card and processor cores - substandard cooling on your processor could be affecting your GFX card.
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    Skarrj Community Member

    I am using CPU temp and Speedfan to check the temp. I also got a really good cabinet with good ventilation / fans so i dont think overheating should be any problem.

    Yeah, i was thinking that a brush bit was on my graphic card, but why would a format fix my tearing / flickering then? If the brush piece would be the problem.
    When i cleaned i tooked out the graphic card of board brushing it gently then putting it back in. Has this anything to say?

    If this problem exists i will defi buy a new graphic card and try any of your tips Tal, hehe.
    Temp from CPU temp / Speedfan
    CPU is around 25-35 *C
    GPU is around 45-65 *C

    Really love that people respond this quickly for this. Thanks for all trying to give me hints / help.
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    Divinitas Community Member

    Your cooling must be insanely good to have only those temps, or wait, are they under load or not? My GFX can hit 80 or so while under load and I have very good cooling, what GFX card you got?

    Your problem wasn't fixed by the format, its just been replaced with something else :p

    Still maintain that from your description it won't be software (drivers, settings etc) related

    Either that or you actually installed your new drivers BEFORE these problems started happening, not after, and you've forgotten because you've had a blond moment ;P

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