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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Hsulf, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Team info and thread for Necrionet's team.
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    Necrionet Community Member

    Here the team rules: (work in progress)

    1) This is not MY team, is OUR team, so we discuss and decide everything together, >>BUT<< every strong team have a leader, that take decision and lead in battle, so the last word for EVERITHING (build,role,tactics,reserve,training schedule etc.) is mine (dont worry too much about this, im a very reasonable persone ^^ ).

    2)As skirmishers, we are going to play a lot of wvw also, and if we prove worthy, we are going to be a "spec ops" team, so do not join if you don't want to play wvw.

    3)For the members that are not skirmisher, you are bound to your "Champion" status until Katiechops decide that you are worthy to become "full" skirmisher. So if the guild call, you go wvw.

    4)Skirmishers have priority for the first player spots.

    5)This would be a meritocracy based team, so if you skip training, if you dont write on the forums,if you are "lazy", you will probably stay a lot of time on the bench (this is true even for myself ofc). Skill is taken into consideration only after >>>dedication<<<.

    6) we will suck A LOT at the beginning, so if you plan to leave after 10 or 20 losses because we are noob, then >>>dont join<<<. To reach the top, it will take a lot of time, efforts, training and patience. Really, dont join this team if you want to win right out of the box.

    7)No whiners, ragequitter, troll!! We win and we lose with style. If someone try to provoke/troll you, you simply SHUT THE FUCK UP, and ignore him.

    8)You must warn your team leader if you cant come to train or if you come late.
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    Necrionet Community Member

    Actual roster


    we will train everyday at 21.30 gmt+1 daylight saving time, except for saturday night (but if we are all online we can play anyway =P )

    ofc there is no problem if someone need to skip some training.
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    Arlinn Community Member

    dont forget to add me and sunshine to the team rooster

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