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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Necrionet, Aug 9, 2012.

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    We have barely 2 weeks before the game is getting released, so i think is time for everyone of us to know better each other.

    So the first training task for our team is: whenever you are on your pc, if you can, log in TS, join our team channel (when it will be rdy), and chat with anyone you see on the channel ^^.

    For a player is of utter importance know better his teammates, or else we cant really think to obtain anything when we will start playing on day one, if we cant even recognize who are speaking, or even worst, cant recognize the voice of the team leader.

    And to be a successful team, we need to absolutely >>>HAVE FUN<<< while we play together, or else the ppl will try to avoid training day with catastrophic results.

    We cannot allow ourself to be shy with each other, we must be friends and play a lot of time together just because "its fun".

    Ofc is impossible to be friend with everyone, but in that case, the team will NEVER work well, so the soon we discover this, sooner we can start find new team members.

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