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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Xelendar, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    What i'm about to post shouldn't be any big news to the average necromancer, but I feel its important to post them since i see alot of us slacking when these opportunities come.

    • Staff is your most ranged weapon, if your build is not about staves you should at least keep one on your bag for battlement warfare.
    • Marks can hit players through physical barriers if they are hugging them. Gates are the most common target but when necessary, marks can be also effectively used under bridges (ex: South-East Tower, Hills fort).
    • Clearing battlements from siege weapons isn't easy when using a staff - unless a) its cannons/oil or b) they deployed it too close to the edge - since your marks only work on players and your staff 1 attack goes slowly in a straight line. This is the time to use Life Transfer. LT still doesn't have any Line of Sight impediment so you can hug the wall closest to the target and use LT to damage it. Same goes for equipment/players on the other side of a wall (especially on Hills fort standoffs).
    • When we are "knocking" on doors, the staff is not the fastest DPS weapon, so after you cleared the battlements you should be hitting the door with your secondary set. Getting the door down is a race against time, so do your best when called for.
    • Still, when we are "knocking" on doors, unless your elite skill is on cooldown switch to Flesh Golem before engaging combat, keeping knockback always on cooldown deals alot more damage to the door than your white shot rotation.

    Feel free to add more tips if you feel necessary, i'll do the same when i remember something else to add.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Adding more tips:
    • If your main wep is staff and you don't care about what you have in offhand, dagger+warhorn will help most with dpsing gates and siegegear. It's not big numbers, but Locust Swarm+dagger auto-attackspam+well of suffering adds up to pretty decent dps.
    • Greater Marks also used to work through the hills bossroom wall on either side of the door (not sure if this is still the case tho), but in a hills standoff I think they're worth much more constantly dropped on the entrance (not too far in front so random enemy won't trigger them) to keep mesmers out.
    • When mesmers say they are pulling on the battlements to the <insert side here>, you can precast your 3 marks in that area and get ready to use LT (unless you have wells to cast as well); for obvious reasons, the fear mark should not be used on battlements, we want them close to the edge where we can kill them.
    • If you're using Plague as elite skill, IMO Plague of Darkness is our group's best friend in a big fight, unless they're running, in which case cripple sounds better (until they fix Chilling Darkness trait to work with Plague of Darkness). Rough math says you will have 5 enemies blinded at any time (per second), which means a potential maximum of 25 hits on our raid mitigated (ideally each second, assuming aoe).
    • When fighting atop high cliffs, look for/create opportunities to fear your enemy(ies) off the edge. If you're on a treb on the edge of a cliff or protecting such a treb, you will have plenty of opportunities for that (and it's funny as hell to see them run for the treb and then "just keep on running" past and off the cliff).
    • If you use Plague while standing on a Well of Power you will be nigh-invulnerable for 5 seconds. It's a good idea if you're using Well of Power to cast it ahead of you and walk on top of it in Plagueform. You're pretty much guaranteed to get protection and all other sorts of boons off the combo which will allow you to absorb that much more hits.
    Edit: funny how Necros use bullets in forums. Gief pistol to Necro in-game! ^^
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    Jinx Community Member

    • Epidemic spreads conditions around the target... meaning when you have plenty of dots on enemy on the battlements just use it and you'll get all the bitches around conditioned as well. (Walls do not prevent the use of the skill)
    • When on battlements,using LT hits the enemies below.
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    Spud Community Member

    When in a contested lord room, supply camp or anywhere there is a champ NPC use them as the focus for your epidemic, the defenders will be trying to stop it getting killed and the majority of your own team is piling conditions on it.

    I have been unable to see anything except a sea of numbers on my screen doing this and the defenders wiped very shortly afterwards.

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