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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Warprophet, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Warprophet Community Member

    Soooo, i can't wait need some feedback as i was one of those fools who didn't want to play very much of the classes i want to role at launch, as such i was planning on rolling a condition necromancer at launch but don't know if this is group WvW orientated enough.. i have basically swapped out Spectral Armour for Epidemic and replaced Lich form with plague. also plague signet should provide a little passive benefit to allies as will be passing keeping the flow of conditions directed at our enemies.....

    consume conditions, Putrid mark and plague signet all work as mechanisms by which i stop the conditions from consuming me :skull:

    yes i could focus on a single weapon but buffing both weapons makes sense as i expect to swap and be using the cooldowns on them often.

    This is not the original build i planned my original had Foot in the grave, Near to Death and Vital persistence in the Soul reaping tree however according to Luna near to death and Foot in the grave are both Tier 3 talents can anyone confirm this...? :censored:

    Option Two for all the luvly little demon pets would be;
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    Xom Veteran BOON

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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    In general, I don't think condition builds will be that viable in wvw. At least when talking about battles that mainly happen on max range. This has two reasons:
    1. scepter has only 900 range
    2. Condition builds provide no spike damage - an opponent can just step back in the zerg once he gets a few bleed stacks. So there's not enough time for the conditions to start working.
    Anyways, here are some thoughts on those condition builds:

    • I had a lot of fun with Spectral Grasp. You can pull opponents from 1200 range to you. This is a nice utility to help your group decimating the opponent.
    • If you plan on taking some minions, check out Summon Flesh Wurm. It should make you feel a lot saver ;-) Apart from that, minion AI has been horrible so don't expect too much...
    • Well of Corruption and Well of Power are both amazing in group fights (maybe instead of Corrupt Boon).
    • Blood Magic / Life Siphoning: Life siphoning used to be very weak. I don't think you will notice it in wvw. Instead, check out Transfusion and Ritual Mastery. Transfusion offers nice healing for your group and Ritual Mastery lowers your Well recharges and can be combined with Well of Power.
    • Go with Sigil of Superior Ice and Earth for your Scepter/Dagger set. They offer great synergy for condition builds.
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    • This is indeed the case. Some of your talents are off because of the tiering, I suggest using the build calculator I linked, it's pretty good.
    • Comments on your two builds:
    • First build:
      • Damage on fear is quite silly. The amount of fear we have is very low (even though it's one of our supposed "core abilities"), so unless the damage is very high (for Reapers Mark), I would not focus on fear.
      • The build is a bit glass cannonish. For WvW, survivability is the most important thing. Unless, of course, you want to focus exclusively on DS for survival, but that is less feasible since BWE3.
    • Second build:
    • I am still a bit undecided about going so heavy into DS for WvW. For WvW, the staff will be the weapon of choice, and range - as Klecksi already mentioned - is king.
    • Speaking about range, is plague form of any use in WvW since it's mostly melee? Isn't Lich better (or Golem once it gets buffed)?
    • Life siphoning got quite a boost in the ST4 and is now quite viable. I think I'll toy around with a support/healer drainer build to see if it's possible to get some consistent (small) green numbers on my group.
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    Warprophet Community Member

    Xom the builder your using does seem to have better functionality, Thanks for the input guys will keep fiddling with the builds;
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Well maybe they buffed life siphoning enough to be viable in pve but I can't imagine it in wvw. You have to hit an opponent for every life siphon but at the same time you can get focus fired by multiple enemies or get hit by siege weapons. There are too many sources of damage to outheal it.

    The choice, if you take a condition or a power build should affect the weapon and elite choice (I can't imagine a scenario where the flesh golem is better than the other two elites):
    • Power:
      • Weapons: Staff, Axe, Dagger
      • Elite: Lich Form
    • Condition:
      • Weapons: Scepter, (Staff)
      • Elite: Plague Form
    Regarding condition builds, I put the Staff in brackets as it is the best option after scepter. It offers some control and a few conditions. As you can see the range of condition builds is lower in both aspects. Also condition builds get almost nothing from death shroud. I put a necro power build suggestion here: Necro power support build (WvW).

    At Tales of Tyria they pointed out 3 features a general WvW build should have (in brackets I noted what this means for necromancers):
    1. Spike damage (power build for necros)
    2. Movement skill (Warhorn 5 is like the only option. If you don't want to have it as your permanent offhand, just switch to it out of combat.)
    3. Control skill - throw people out of siege weapons or interrupt rezzing (necro fears - Death Shroud 3 and staff 5)

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