My thief build for WvWvW (Large scale fights only)

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Doodle, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Here is my build, Critique it, rape it, smack talk it (fu) use it. It's amazin' for rapin' 5Ey2DfSo4JuCWo2jbymiJA;TMArRGVsjA

    Im geared in 6 slots berserker armor + weapons (you can see what sigils I use, the precision on kill is in testing phase atm) in my armor i will be using runes of divinity i think its called. My rings and accessories will be power toughness vitality items solely. Trying to get a mix of damage and survival using the accessories for survival and the other gear for damage (i tried the 100% glass canon route, it works but I had problems in pve and well had to strike a balance for now, plan is to at some point get 100% berserker gear and try that out as well)

    Spider venom, I like stacking healing reductions on people. Ice drake venom, nothing fucks non thiefs up more then Chill. Trust me its the biggest pain in the ass ever. Signet of shadows, mobility is KEY also the added might + initiative return thx to traits + the blind is not all that bad either (one could switch this out before engagements for a different sigil if the opposition is not scrubs)

    How I initiate (play) with this build: Head on first right in to the fray, yeah even with my 11k HP. malice keeps me alive, popping 2 poisons and the signet gives me 9 stacks of might thx to the build. Daggerstorm kills everything. My gear is heavy crit and the synergy is amazing. Stuff will fall down dead around you, and a loot pinjata of bags will pop up everywhere. after daggerstorm has ended switch to shortbow, run around in the middle of the zerg and doubletap Clusterbomb and trickshot on auto, you will be unkillable due to malice (to much heat? easy to escape with Last Refuge) Slowed pulse is a nice bonus in case someone tries to bleed you to death.. Mostly took Shadow arts for last refuge, saved my life many many times.

    Oh and yeah i use dagger dagger for melee engagements in a zerg for its aoe slow and the fast heartstrikes it gives. And also its a faster form of travel (if no mobs in the way...) to spam heartstrike then infiltrators arrow. Also it provides an escape with the use of cloak and dagger if need be

    Currently sitting at around 80% crit damage and almost 50% crit rate. opportunist just pukes initiative back at me due to the crit rate. executioner almost kills a target below 50% in one crit. There is a lot of synergy in this build that i like alot. I have not really dabbled in the other three arts because i am also in love with the passive stats that deadly arts and critical strikes give making it extremely hard for me to even consider speccing out of them

    I am really interested in what other thiefs who are not Deadly Arts and Critical strikes have for their build. Also there is different variations to this build that is equally good, I know Melody plays one with less poision dependence but equally strong. Just plays differently. My solo roaming skills/build is a little bit different but im omw home now so will save that for another day :) there i actually prefer sword/pistol and haste and i use the OP guild of thieves as well of course and the cloak heal since singletarget damage HP return is not as amazing for malice
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    I switched out the runes for a while to try the Eagle set, not sure really. Went back to divinity for now..

    Also i have been using valkyrie set for my trinkets because i really did not want to stack up more on precision, already sitting at 50% so seems a bit overkill. Took the extra vitality instead which is nice for dungeons and it does make life a little bit easier in wvwvw when 4 man bombing a group of 20 invaders.

    my critdamage is currently at 110% And i will be getting a full set of berserker trinkets soon as well to try that out with the trait that gives 5% vitality based on my precision. See if i can compensate my HP that way instead of vitality but.. i still dont see why i would need to go past 50% crit.. might as well stay with valkyrie, get the extra hp + have a different dps trait instead for more damage... choices choices. Will try it all

    Unless you are a thief im sure the above text made absolutely no sense to you :p more like my own personal notes!
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    Nikitas Pistofidis Community Member

    So who is currently playing Thief on WvWvW raids?

    I already read the aforementioned but a lot has changed since Doodle last updated his build (publicly at least).

    I am a bit lost in WvWvW atm and i am certainly looking for advice from some more experienced Thief players.
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    For max dps you can go a build like this one:;TUAg0CnssY8xGCA

    Take full berserker gear. Switch to dagger storm and signet of malice if you plan to jump in the middle of a zerg.

    It's more or less a backstab build. As you are quite squishy choose your fight carefully and watch your positioning especially in team fights. Short bow is your weapon of choice here: high aoe damage, high mobility and lots of dodges from short bow 3. Switch to daggers for some nice burst: start casting dagger 5, hit steal and finish off with backstab. When using daggers don't forget your auto attack and keep heartseeker as your gap closer.
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    Nikitas Pistofidis Community Member

    What about the other utility skills? Poisons seem a bit overestimated but what do i know? :p
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    I added the skills I would recommend in the build editor.

    Signet of Shadows - mobility.
    Shadowstep - More mobility, the only stunbreak you have and one of the few skills to remove conditions.
    Shadow Refuge - Stealth, use it to get out of a fight or rez up people. Once the white circle is gone you can exit the Refuge without getting revealed. Dont waste it for stomps. You have dagger 5 for it. Stomping is so much easier once you get used to this ...
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    Nikitas Pistofidis Community Member

    What do you mean by "stomp"?
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    Nariko Community Member

    When a player is downed you "stomp" him to kill him for good.

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