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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    With the amount quality pve content in this game i doubt i will get bored. Hell i doubt i will EVER get bored of ganking and griefing noobs with my overgeard supertoon

    what kind of a carebear are you!?
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    So you have playtested the PvE then. When did you get your access ?
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    I am sure Tvar will reply on his own but i can already yell you that it has mothing to do with being a carebrar or not but jist with the fact that not all get the same amount of excitment from ganking as from organised pvp which gives you the right to boast tbat you number 1 in an organised aspect of any game.
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    Cant edit typos on forim runner soz.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    someone implement a roll eyes emote
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Yes Doodle, you truly know me and I am a carebear. :)

    We've reached the point where we're just circlejerking around cos noone seems to have anything better to do. The PvP is a typical catch-22. If they make like world pvp areas without any incentive other than "Tarren Mill gl hf" then people will say "not enough reason to go there" and even if people like Doodle go their with their so-called "super-toons" they will soon get owned by the people who went places that payed off going to; and if they make world pvp objectives haters will say "lol rift labeled area - PvP here plz fu". Fanboys will love it, haters gon' hate no matter what. Myself I'll stay sceptical at best. As it's been said before, I'm not sure I can even be arsed to get my "supertoon" ready in a game that (on videos) look like shit and is "highly derivative of WoW". So I'm hoping it'll feel good and the raiding with lightsabers' awesome.
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    Merketh The MerkBot

    Every Swtor thread has to turn into a flamewar around here?
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    I dont think you understood my point tbh. Did you go to Tarren Mill at lvl 20? or at 60 after being fully geared, ie when there was nothing else to do and you were bored. My point made clear. Whatever that has to do with carebears - since it doesn't your logic fails. Or maybe I didn't understand You this time around.
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    Shantotto Guest

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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    will boon even make a guild for this pve game?
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Finally this thread starts to deliver, thank you Doodle. :)

    I listened to this for nearly an hour
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    did you get to see my reply tvar before it was deleted?

    and it would be nice to know why my reply got deleted also
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    Shantotto Guest

    Deleting flaming is boring :p
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    was not even a flame, was me explaining that i was only joking and meant nothing with the carebear comment
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    I saw it Doodle, no harm done mate, it's all good and we're all friends. :)
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    man we need Lyander the swede from wow boon here with his whine
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    Saul Community Member

    Q & A 9

    STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ : Exclusive Tester Q&A #9


    SWTOR Tester Q&A #9

    Q. Can you try & describe what your armor/gear progression has been like on your main character from lvl 1 up to your current level?

    A. All the armor has been individual pieces, I have not collected any sets yet. As you might expect, your gear starts out simple and gets more ornate as you go.

    Q. Can you go into detail to describe what you had to do to craft an item including how you farmed for materials, what you gathered, the process of how you directed your companions to put all of the components together to create the item & if you were able to add your own personal touch of customization & naming the item into the crafting process? Just as much detail as you feel you can get into would be very cool, thanks.

    A. TOR is not SWG when it comes to crafting, it is not as deep as SWG by a long shot. You do not choose the color of stuff, can’t name crafted items. It works closer to the WoW model where you get drops from nodes out in the wild, the gathering skills, and so on.

    Q. Could you give some examples of titles currently in the beta? How easy/difficult are they to obtain?

    A. You get your titles based off of your alignment, class quests, world-arc, and PvP.

    Q. Do the ship upgrades change the appearance of your ship?

    A. They do not.

    Q. Do they increase performance?

    A. Within space combat, yes.

    Q. Can we customize the ship color?

    A. No.

    Q. When you make "Light Side" choices as a Sith, are you still doing evil or can you play a Sith who is there for the Empire and not the Emperor?

    A. You can play the boy scout Sith, but I will not respect you. In some cases the light side option will be more “evil” then the dark side option, but it will depend on the quest, story, etc.

    Q. Can u change hair in game now and is there green hair now?

    A. No appearance changing right now. And there aren’t a lot of wacky hair colors that I’ve seen. Hair color is appropriate to the race.

    Q. Is there tattoos for twilek now?

    A. No.

    Q. Can sith still /forcechoke on companions or did they delete that (it made them disappear in november)?

    A. That is a big no. Bugs happen.

    Q. Can u fight Nemro the hutt now?

    A. Haven’t done Hutta.

    Q. Did they add /poledance emote yet lol?

    A. Uhh... no?

    Q. Do Commandos, Snipers, and Sages/Sorcerers use their secondary weapon slot in any way?

    A. I believe everyone gets items that go in that slot.

    Q. People who have played the game at cons have mentioned that some blue gear can be obtained by purchasing them with commendation badges. How often do you get these badges?

    A. Varies. Quests, loot, world drops, commendations badges from planet to planet are halves. Commendations from Korriban are worth half as much on Dromund Kaas.

    Q. What all do adrenals do for you? Are they short term boosts, or do some last longer than others?

    A. Depending on the level, they go from 10 minutes to an hour. They will give you a stat boost, the list can be found in the previous Q&A.

    Q. What are the crew skill bonuses received from each companion?

    A. In the previous Q&A I listed the companions from the beta forums. If its in there, then you have your answer.

    Q. Secondly, I have a question about bounties in game. Is there a bounty system for bounty hunters, and how does it work?

    A. There is no player bounties.

    Q. Any comment on future availability of Open-API (a.k.a players writing addons for players !!) in beta forums ?

    A. No.

    Q. Will there be an option to toggle ability queuing on release ?

    A. No option at the moment.

    Q. Is there any inter-companion communication? That is, do companions talk to each other? If so, is it done in cut-scenes when you enter your ship, or some other way, some other time? Does it happen often enough to give a strong sense of the crew dynamics and relationships like in KOTOR? I'm just wondering because you only get to take one out at a time, so I'm wondering when they talk to each other. They must talk to each other... Right?

    A. They talk to each other in the ship sometimes.

    Q. In regards to PvP, if actual killing blows reward "badges", how do healers obtain these badges?

    A. Killing, healing, absorbing damage are all rewarded in PvP. This is already public knowledge.

    Q. If Operative Imperial Agents use openers in stealth, should I get used to the idea that I'm going to be "running" straight through all of my targets to get back into blaster range after opening?

    A. Haven’t messed with IA much but yeah you’re probably going to have to get comfortable with moving around a bit.

    Q. Are there "Summoning Stones" for group flashpoints? Will we all have to run to the instances or does a class have a summoning ability similar to a warlock in WoW?

    A. None.

    Q. How effective is the default UI? If you were an addon user in previous MMO's, what is it missing that you would like to see?

    A. It’s super-effective. Except I’d love to have a DPS meter.

    Q. Does jumping around inhibit melee game play?

    A. No.

    Q. Are there different armor sets for PvP? Will we have to run the latest PvE content to obtain the best gear for PvP situations? If there ARE armor sets unique for PvP, besides increased health, what differences are there?

    A. I haven’t gotten to the PvP gear yet, so I can’t give exact numbers, but we know there are PvP stats as mentioned publicly by Bioware.

    Copy pasta from elsewhere: PVP gear will come with a "PVP Stat." This stat will increase a character's damage, damage absorption, and healing effectiveness specifically in PVP. It was stated that PVP gear will be, at most, 10% better for PVP then comparable PVE gear. This limit is in place to give PVP focused players a boost while still letting non-PVPers compete.

    Q. Regarding any Healing spec'd AC, do they solo just fine, or have alot of trouble like the healer spec'd classes in WoW ? The game was supposed to have more of a hybrid feel, where tanks and healers do more DPS than they have historically. Can you please give as much detail on this as you have come across.

    A. Haven’t played a healing spec, but I haven’t heard any complaints. One guy I talked to even said it seemed a bit easy to level as a healer, with the companions.

    Q. How often do bonus quests get triggered?

    A. Almost every quest, it can get a little annoying.

    Q. About The Pit in Nar Shadaa... what size are the teams? 8 v 8? 12 v 12? it sounds f***ing amazing.

    A. Max is 12 vs. 12, but it can be 8 vs. 8 if not enough people are on.

    Q. Is there a "slow walk" option or do the characters have to run all the time

    A. You can slow walk yes.

    Q. Will there be "world instancing", such similar to Age of Conan where the open world is even instanced? Only a certain amount of people were allowed per world instance, making the term "massive multiplayer online rpg" redundant.

    A. No, the entire world are open and TOR in general has very little instancing. You will have phases around some planets, but if you have played WoW from WOTLK on, you know how they work.

    Q. Are you able to launch your ship into space (at will), and walk around in your ship's interior?

    A. You can walk around your ship, but if you want to go somewhere, you have to pick a destination from the map.

    Q. How in depth does the modifying of gear go? Does it expand beyond just adding base stats, like +10 intellect?

    A. No.

    Q. Does your alignment affect the stats on your gear? As in, if Robe A drops, do the stats differ if I'm dark side, grey or light side aligned?

    A. Not that I’ve seen.

    Q. How gear centered is the game? Is it like World of Warcraft, where the strength of your character is limited by gear alone; or is geared weighed less heavily?

    A. Gear makes up about 90% of the stats on your character.

    Q. Is it possible to toggle auto-facing on/off in PvE? There is still no auto-facing in PvP, right?

    A. No auto-facing in PvP. Auto-facing cannot be toggled off for PvE.

    Q. How much does re-specking your class cost, can it only be done at end level?

    A. It was free when I did it. I don’t know if the costs go up or what.

    Q. How do you enter a Flashpoint? Do you have to go to a certain location where you can "enter" it?

    A. Yes, you need to go to the location/area to enter said flashpoint.

    Q. Can players replay lower-level flashpoints at higher levels? For example, if someone wanted to solo The Black Talon with their decked out level 50 character, could he do it?

    A. Yes.

    Q. Several lightsaber forms have been mentioned including Ju-Yo, Ataru, and Shii-Cho. Is there any word on restrictions to classes or AC for lightsaber forms or will all jedi/sith classes have access to them?

    A. These are restricted via your AC.

    Q. Because the Jedi Consular's Shadow is first a close/mid range dps AC but has an option to tank in one of it's skill trees, does that weaken the class' potential to be an effective tank compared to other ACs (vanguard, guardian, jugg) that are more appropriately centered as tanks?

    A. Not that I’ve seen. They aren’t going to make a tank spec that is always inferior to all the other tanks.

    Q. You said Oct. 4 as the release date. What gives you this date? Has it been discussed by the devs in the beta somewhere?

    A. I have a feeling.

    Q. We've talked about the weapon/gear loot, but what is the normal looted enemy containing? Is it like SWG, where it's a lot of junk loot to be sold off, or do you see credits here and there until you get stims/gear/items/commendations? If I go out and grind on Tusken Raiders for awhile, will I end up with Tatooine-based armor and weapons of some sort?

    A. You get random drops off mobs like you’d expect. Common loot, and then occasionally gear.

    Q. I wonder how crew skills work. How many professions you and your companions can have, comparing to how many professions we have in game?

    A. You obtain the crew skills, the companions don’t. You can have up to three crew skills and your companions will be able to craft whatever you choose. 1 crafting skill, and 2 of other skills.

    Q. For JC you posted 4 companions, all male. I hope 5th is female or companions differ depending on your sex. Any knowledge about that?

    A. I do not know, however companions do not change based on your sex.

    Q. Given that you're playing through as a Sith Warrior, can we get a better list of companions you have met thus far? The copy-pasted list seems to be missing a lot of specific info for SW companions. Info I would be interested in: Name, Species, Sex, Ranged or Melee, Tank/Heal/DPS (though it seems like this can be altered via companion kits), Heavy/Medium/Light armor, approximate Level and Planet where gained, Skill Bonuses, Romance-able?, Apprentice?


    Some of the companions I’ve seen:

    Vette -Female Twilek Ranged DPS
    Malavai Quinn -Male Human Ranged DPS/Healer
    Jaesa Willsam -Human Female, Dark Jedi, Melee DPS
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    Saul Community Member

    Q. It seems like I should know this already, but how do companions "advance"? Do they have levels? Do they auto-level whenever you do or do they have their own experience bars?

    A. They are one level below you always.

    Q. Have you heard the voice of the Female trooper yet? Can you confirm that it is in fact Jennifer Hale?

    A. No voice credits available, and I don’t know voice actors well enough to say.

    Q. Have you heard the voice of the Female Jedi yet? Do you have a guess for who it is?

    A. See above.

    Q. How intelligent would you say the companions are? Any frustrations yet in terms of their behavior?

    A. They’ve fallen through the world a couple times, but that’s just a bug. Overall they are pretty smart.

    Q. When are you first able to choose Crew Skills?

    A. When you get to your faction capital.

    Q. When you try to talk to your companions on your ship, are you able to have a Dragon Age: Origins sort of dialogue tree, or do you get the Dragon Age II sort of one-liners?

    A. Not sure what you’re asking. The dialogue system is the same throughout the game as we’ve seen in a million videos.

    Q. What are the details of crafting from beginning to end? The process the character goes through? Getting the recipe? Getting the resources? Are there different qualities of resources? How does your skill level effect the final product?

    A. You get the recipe from whatever, grab mats, and make the item. No quality or variable final products. You make the item as the recipe describes.

    Q. What gathering/crafting combinations exist? For example: I am assuming that bioanalysis provides building resources for biochem and archaeology will supply artifice and maybe synthweaving.

    A. | Archeology Artifice Synthweaving |
    | Scavenging Armortech Armstech Cybertech |
    | Biochem Bioanalysis |
    | Slicing Unknown at this time |

    Q. From what you've seen, does playing a character who fluctuates between Light Side and Dark Side responses appear natural, or like a bipolar mess? What are the incentives for pursuing a particular alignment?

    A. You can pick the dialogue choice that offers no alignment points. No incentive to align ones self over with dark/neutral/light, other than the stuff already talked about.

    Q. Since you're a Sith Warrior, can you tell us about Vette? I'm really looking forward to going warrior, partly for her, but you said in Q&A #8 that you don't like her much. Is her story or voice acting annoying? What did you mean by "hold hands and sing songs," is she light sided or something?

    A. She is a light sided pussycat. If I had the option to kill her I would.

    Q. The DPS Jugg/Guard has heavy armor and deals as much damage as the Marauder/Sentinel and DPS Shadow/Assassin. Are there any game mechanics (beside stealth) for the Marauder/Sentinel and DPS Shadow/Assassin to compensate for their lack of armor? More CC-skills, self-heals, etc?

    A. For the Marauder, you have a few abilities that will help you out in combat and give you an advantage over the tank types classes by boosting your survivability. Saberward -Increases parry and deflect chance by 50% for 12 seconds Call on the force-Refreshes the cool down of Saberward instantly. Restores max health by 3% every 3 seconds. Lasts one minute

    Q. I'm wondering, you said in the last q and a, we can wear whatever armour/clothing we have the requirements met for, does this a consular I don't have to run around looking like it's Halloween? Can I have simple Jedi robe with light armour, or even dress like a smuggler with those cool hats but still be a Jedi?

    A. If you want to get your face wrecked by wearing the wrong gear, yes.

    Q. My second question concerns resistances to force powers. Do force users get abilities that allow them to resist the powers of other force users, and on top of that is there knockback resistance?

    A. Haven’t seen anything like that yet.

    Q. For the Boss fights, do we fight Darth Malgus early on or is he left for the endgame?

    A. Why would I fight Malgus? He’s da boss (Co-worker, not boss boss)

    Q. Can Rick post any videos for us to see like that 3 hour one, maybe of post lvl 10 content?
    A. Not posting videos. Too easy to get busted that way.

    Q. Does SWTOR have a dressing room like WoW does where you can preview what a piece of equipment will look like on you?

    A. Not at the moment, but there is a thread about it on the testing forums.

    Q. With character creation, in particular the Twi'lek species are you able to customize their Lekku (Tentacles)? By this I mean, their position? All the pics we've seen are draped behind their heads. Can you change their location (ex: one draped around the neck, both hanging in front of the chest). Also can you Lekku wraps, different patterns or anything else to customize them in any matter that we've seen in SW films?

    A. No.

    Q. Out of all the races shown so far, Cyborg is the only one BW has not shown publicly. Can we see a snap shot of the character creation of a Cyborg or just an in game picture so we have a reference?

    A. Not posting screenshots.

    Q. Do all classes get their starship on capital planets? (Coruscant/Dromund Kaas, lvls 10/16)

    A. Yes.

    Q. Can you elaborate a bit about so called "butler" droid, faction specific companion mentioned officially after E3?

    A. He can do crafting and stuff, but he can’t go out into combat.

    Q. Any hints about more planet reveals, probably for the endgame? (I've seen recently somewhere on official Dev Tracker something like " less than 17 planets")

    A. There are no more full planets to be added or announced, as far as I’ve seen.

    Q. Is there a form of R v. R in the game? If yes what are the planets/zones/areas you have to push in favor, how many, and what’s the end goal? If no, what is the major drive for world PVP, or is warzones the only real PVP for SWTOR?

    A. Again, there aren’t a lot of players, so not much world PvP going on. Certainly nothing large scale.

    Q. Is there currently any iconic or recognizable Star Wars music for the various planets/zones in place, and if so what is your favorite so far (assuming you have the music enabled)?"

    A. Iconic music as well as new music. I like most of it!

    Q. Can you invite other players on your ship just do "nothing" ? I mean, just stay there and do some Roleplay?

    A. Yes.

    Q. I've heard somewhere that you can change faction overtime while questing, it depends on the decisions you take(you are a "JK" and you always choose the decisions that a sith warrior would do). Is that true?

    A. Where did you hear that? You can never switch factions.

    Q. How are the boss fights, in both the flashpoints and in the world bosses, do they have certain weakness you need to exploit and certain mechanics which are fun and interesting or is it the classic, this boss is a great and powerful X who's only weakness is for 4 (or more in the case of operations) people to go in and slap him around for 10 minutes?

    A. All different kinds of mechanics for bosses, the fights are amazing. The bosses do not have weaknesses (This is not Pokemon), but the fights are not all tank and spank.

    Q. In a pvp server, how many planets are open for world pvp?

    A. Everything but capital worlds and starter planets.

    Q. I am a big fan of KOTOR, is Pazaak and Swoop Racing available in SWTOR?

    A. No.

    Q. Can you have groups in the Space Combat minigame? If so, how do they work?

    A. No groups.

    Q. Do companions appearances drastically change with their different kits? Or any other way to visually customize your companion?

    A. Your companions wear gear just like you do.

    Q. Is Telos (planet from kotor 2) in game?

    A. No.

    Q. Do jedi/sith take damage from falls? And, can they force jump without being in combat?

    A. Yes, No.

    Q. How feasible or fun for a lack of a better word are you able to play this game for the most part by yourself? If you had to put a percentage on that what would the number be? Obviously this doesn’t include the high level raid type scenario.

    A. The game is very soloable but to get the most out of it you need to group up.

    Q. Is it possible to switch between 2 or more roles/spec without having to reset points? For example a dps and a tank spec for the Jedi Guardian or a healer and dps spec for the Jedi Sage?

    A. No.

    Comments from chat

    Q. Pretty sure the color cartridges just change what color your blaster bolts are, though one of the testers would have to confirm that.

    A. They add stats to them as well, just like how the lightsabers work.

    Q. Lower quantities of enemies now appear in mission phases and Flashpoints. I wonder what the story behind that is? Thought they wanted combat to be heroic. I really hope instances aren't waves of two or three enemies at a time, like every other MMO is.

    A. You never face one enemy at any stage of the game, you are fighting 3+ enemies at a time.

    Q. You mentioned that you could not interact with chairs, but we have seen videos with people sitting in their ships.

    A. Yes, in cutscenes, perhaps. As of this build, you cannot sit in the chair. Though testing is on-going so this may change in a future build.

    Q. Regarding endgame, and i really want to know this for sure as it might be a critical factor in my decisions to buy this game or not: will it be a Raid or Die MMO? I know you've said many times no one is lvl 50 yet but these things are fairly obvious even from the getgo and the forums you have access to can also enlighten you on this matter.

    A. If you want to have the very best gear, you’re going to have to raid for PvE gear or PvP for PvP gear. You can get some good stuff from other “gear faucets” as Damion Schubert calls them, but not full suits of the best stuff every while never grouping with a large group of other players.

    Q. Besides the warzones and operations (hence the raid -or die-, PvP or PvE raid, it makes no difference) is there anything else we could be looking forward to after reaching the level cap? Heck even WoW has arenas (i saw you like to bash it), which are really small scale, so therefore wondering if there's anything small scale as far as endgame goes in SWTOR. Thanks

    A. No arena. Just the big PvP and PvE stuff.

    Q. Do you know anything about cross faction questing or even a just some slight involvement depending on your alignment ?

    A. There isn’t any.

    Q. Can you give any insight to the BH class, with specifics to both Merc and Power Tech, But manly with Merc as we have not seen a lot of info about the Merc.

    A. The Mercs are great tanks, when playing with one I have never seen him go below 60% health (Though a good healer always helps).

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    Saul Community Member

    2 cool things out of that for me.

    1. Q. In a pvp server, how many planets are open for world pvp?

    A. Everything but capital worlds and starter planets.

    Thats 11 Planets. for open PvP.. That means you have no choice, but to PvP, so all the Bleh no Open World PvP, or Open World PvP is gonna suck in this game, can pretty much sit the fuck down.

    However I am pretty sure thats not totally correct, as I believe that Nar Shadda is also not an open PvP Planet, due to all the ganking and people getting jumped waiting for a taxi that went on in early testing.

    2. Q. You said Oct. 4 as the release date. What gives you this date? Has it been discussed by the devs in the beta somewhere?

    A. I have a feeling.

    Thats the 6th time i have heard that date in the last 3 weeks, from different testers and gaming media types, Sado also from DH mentioned he had it on good authority it would be the first week of October.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Yea at first you say cool you have a lot of space to pvp, then you realize that you find 2,3 players every 5 minutes because the playerbase is so spreadout (hmm Rift).
    No world PvP objectives (if what he said is true) = no reason to gather up and fight with your faction members.
    And no instanced "balanced" pvp instance either, where's the love for the PvPers?

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