MMO Nostalgia, Did Anyone Else Like Corpse Runs?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 15, 2013.

  • by Acina, May 15, 2013 at 12:24 PM
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    So this post by my good friend Dalmarus over at TenTonHammer, got the old nostalgia juices flowing yet again! I remember the days of corpse runs and the fun (at the time it was) getting back to your body and worldly possessions, the fact there was a character/class mechanic to help (Necromancers were never out of work summoning folk) and it made people think about what they were doing rather than just blindly running in as they do now.

    So my question to you, of everything you have experienced (old and new) in your time playing MMO’s what elements of gameplay would you bring back and what would you get rid of – if you were the developer?

    Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear the reasons behind your choices as well :)

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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 15, 2013.

  1. Blackspear
    I would love to see weapon/armor skills back (if you use 1h sword you skill up so you use your weapon better etc.) and got rid of limited skill bar, I want my 4 bars full of skills back!
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  2. Aspira
    I have always hated how all games (not just MMOs) have lost consequences for death.

    Making death a trivial thing makes people not care about it. This makes people make decisions they know are stupid, but they don't care because death isn't an issue.

    Think of fps games back in the day. If you died, you were a spectator until the round was won. Nowadays you get a respawned a few seconds after you die. This allows players to run and gun more than play with skill and tactics.

    In MMOs you see a similar run and gun mentality in pvp. People will continually throw themselves at a wall till it breaks, dying countless times, but winning through continual die/reapawn/attack/repeat.

    In MMO pve you can argue the same can occur in pve with progression raids. I bet we all know someone or some guild who have killed a boss out of pure luck because they were grinding it 20+ times a night.

    I never played MMOs in the truely hardcore days, but I have played games with harsh death consequences. Darkfalls full loot and LotRO's hope/dread mechanic causing huge waits between pve progression attempts to name a couple.

    Personally, I would like to see death have a consequence in MMOs. Something that would cause players to fear death enough that dying is no longer a viable tactic, however not so hard as to kill the game.

    I too would like to see the return of weapon skilling and 4 hotbars full of abilities. Cutting amount of skills down to 1 bar is blatant pandering to casuals. People need to learn to keybind.
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  3. Feidan
    Indeed. It felt rewarding when mastering all 40 key binds.
  4. Blackspear
    Perma death sounds about right :D
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  5. Law
    Saga Of Ryzom was one of my fav mmo's before it got smashed by WoW coming out a week/two later.
    That game was great for lvling stuff, heal someone lvl heal magic, use a 1h lvl 1h tree.
    Managed to get to lvl 250 in two-hand, took me like 4months to do.

    Silkroad Online was another great game, taking months to max level. Putting on the thief suit and griefing the traders >< good times.

    Thats when games felt rewarding tbh. They just don't make them like they used to.

    If I was a dev, id make games hard like they used to be, where you could play for years and never max out stuff.
  6. Merketh
    CoD generation needs instant gratification, and the unwashed casual masses are where the money is these days, not making "niche" mmo's anymore. ;(
  7. Fizzee
    Run back to corpse, stand on own body waiting for the best moment to rejoin the living then running 5 meters before getting killed again. Rinse repeat for 30 mins until out of danger zone, armour broken with a 1g repair bill and exhausted but somehow convinced it was worth your time as you avoided the 15 min res sickness which costs 15 silver to remove.

    Them were the days.
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  8. adagio
    You also got to see who else wiped at the same time. Also night elves had a decent buff then.
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  9. Undeadmonkey
    Classic Runescape - On death lose all but 3 items, had to prepare yourself when going into any new area :)
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  10. Firoz
    So 30min and 1g is better than 15min and 15silver? hmm :D
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  11. Aspira
    Don't question early WoW logic!!!

    I too remember doing it. At the time you were like, "yea! no ress sickness!", then you went the repair vendor and were like, "aww, sadtimes.".
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  12. Fizzee
    Exactly, clearly Firoz missed the joke... surprise surprise.
  13. Firoz
    Never played WoW for longer than 1 hour sadly. ;)
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  14. Katiechops
    I loved corpse camping ppl and loved to be corpse camped even more it just added that bit more to the ganking experience :D

    players losing experience when killed in Lineage 2 was also awesome too.
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  15. Allstar
    I would get rid of flying mounts, most game immersion breaking thing ever introduced.
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  16. Katiechops
    THIS!!!! it was proven that ganking and open word pvp in wow was reduced by 99% with their introduction :p
  17. Fozia
    Corpse running back to molten core or blackwing lair the drudgery!
  18. Tvar
    Signed. The flying mounts gotta go.
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  19. Law
    There is a new korean game called "Icarus Online" that has mount combat, flying and ground.

    Not a huge fan of mounts but this does look interesting.

    Id love to see GunBlades in a mmo :D like FF8, charging into battle swinging giant swords around, then to point and headshot a pvp target running would just be ace's :D

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