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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Fizzee, Feb 19, 2012.

  • by Fizzee, Feb 19, 2012 at 3:55 PM
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    As you may or may not know, Mojang have been releasing "snapshots" of the version 1.2 they are working on, and Multiplay have recently announced they are supporting snapshots on their servers.

    With the announcement of this next big patch, the BOON Control Minecraft server will be coming back online for the next few months. We will be starting up with a brand new map so that we have the new biome types (don't worry, the old map is saved for later as there was a large build on it). Access will be, as always, limited to existing members of the BOON Control guild/community via a whitelist system. Sorry to anyone who wishes to join the server, but due to the popularity of random griefing in Minecraft, we keep our server limited to guild members or long time community members.

    For anyone interesting in joining us (if you meet the "long time community member" criteria) then check out our long running server thread here: http://booncontrol.com/threads/minecraft-server-ip.1581/

    So, the BOON server is back up, lets take a closer look at the 1.2 Snapshots....

    Version 12w07b
    Client Download: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w07b/minecraft.jar

    Mob AI (smarter enemies will pathfind instead of get stuck on walls)
    New lighting engine
    Redstone powered lights
    Jungle biome
    Zombies attack villages
    Zombies break down wooden doors
    Climable vines
    creepers run away from cats
    Zombies, Skeletons and Pigmen have loot tables
    Villagers have babies AAAAHHHHHHH
    Iron Golem!!!

    And most importantly....
    There is now a 256 world height!


    Version 12w08a
    Client Download: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w08a/minecraft.jar

    Iron Golems added to defend NPC towns.
    Added inverted stair block.
    Many changes to the world and lighting system.

    For full changes and bugs list check out >>THE WIKI<<
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Fizzee, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Aspira

    I must say, I am interested.

    /poke adagio
  2. adagio
    Have snapshot 12w07b working on the server but Mojang is down for me so unable to test it.
  3. Aspira
    Surprised Saul hasn't logged in and made an even bigger penis house what with the increased heightbox.

    Also, Blackspear - Server is updated now so you can let Wiktor know if you two still play Minecraft.
  4. Saul
    I tried last night, but the server was down..
  5. Aspira
    Was it..? Or were you just being a noob and haven't manually updated Minecraft to be the correct version ? (it will not auto update to the version we are on)
  6. Saul
    do i need to delete all my single player mods first?? as it is just hanging at the logging in screen.
  7. Aspira
    Yea ofc.

    You need multiple Minecrafts, have you not learned!!!
  8. Blackspear
    Updated my client today, should join you tomorrow .
  9. Firoz
    Sadly minecraft eats my broadband limit of 10gb/month :(
    I want to play it more... :D


    Your sailor.
  10. Aspira
    What nights are you all planning on being online ?

    Doing a group build is always more fun than just doing random solo shit.
  11. Firoz
    every night except weekends!
  12. Blackspear
    I can long in every evening except this Saturday.
  13. Fizzee
    Not in Friday night or Saturday night. Been about most nights so far..... Started a tree house in first portal in the jungle tree tops x2 aisle.
  14. Saul
    I'll do most nights starting on Monday.. doing stuff in the Studio for the rest of this week.
  15. Fizzee
    You have a band camp account or similar? Would be interested in hearing some of your new stuff.
  16. Fizzee

    Yup, you wanted it....
  17. Aspira
  18. Blackspear
    It was his secret project since we start building SW lol
  19. Aspira
    Seriously though, inverted stairs has been needed in Minecraft for aesthetics for soooo long. Glad this is finally making it into the game.

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