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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Mattfs, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Mattfs Community Member

    Since other classes are doing it and i'm experimenting with my own builds here are the 2 builds i'm debating whether to use, and would appreciate any help as I have made them up as i go along.
    The second one is the one I've been using the past week or so, and is great. The traits go 20-0-30-10-10, which gives me great toughness and condition damage as this is where most of my damage comes from.
    The first one is one i made today with traits 20-0-10-10-30, which obviously has lower toughness, but has the ability to apply a lot more confusion due to the traits. I've not tried the first one in a proper raid yet but I will soon. For all the builds i run staff and sword/focus, and use feedback, null field and either veil or blink.
    After more research, if i get full ascended (rings and ear rings and the correct amulet) i can get 80 more toughness, 189 more vitality and 74 more condition, so this is my pve aim for the next long time.
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    srENGINEER Community Member

    Looks like an awesome build - btw is that condi dmg stat without sigil/might stacks :eek:?
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    Alaraum Veteran BOON

    [IMG]3 more days till my Endless Cat Tonic, then I am going to get pink accesory, will end up like on 105% damage & more Toughness
    Traits_: GreatSword+Sword/Sword/Focus_______Eter Feast - Blink - Portal/Phantasmal Disenchanter - Veil/Decoy - Time Warp
    30: 3-5-10
    30: 1-4-5
    10: 3
    Ye, do not copy that, I need it for my job :hug:

    Also I have Garrison set - p/t/v with traits : Staff+GreatSword_______Eter Feast - Blink - Null Field - Veil - Time Warp/Avatar of Melandru
    30: 2-5-12
    30: 5-8-11
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    Mattfs Community Member

    Its with full weapon stacks but no might, so with might it'll be 2874/2804 condition damage.
    I put it in with weapon stacks as its easy to rack up 25 stacks all the time.
    Ha ha i was gonna say ala, wouldnt recommend so durability
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    srENGINEER Community Member

    2800 condi dmg .. confusion gonna hit like a brick !

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