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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Specter, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    ... they go here!

    -> I will open fire with the one i'm thinking of playing (untill i get the pvp soul maxed, ofc, then everything will change :)

    18 Dominator - 32 Stormcaller - 16 Elemental summoner

    18 Dominator for the instant polymorph
    32 Stormcaller for the big moneyshot AoE and all the masteries that increase Air Damage
    16 Elemental Summoner for the Pet sacrifice -> 25% hp instant heal AND Crit chance + Crit damage increase.

    With this build i hope to achieve an high amount of hard hitting crits from air skills, a nice broad choice of Fast-casting CC skills (some of them AoE).

    What do you think about this ?
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    I think finally someone I can slack off of will post my plans soon
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Now a team heal/support aura build for Mage:

    32 Archon for the cast speed aura buff
    26 Chloromancer for the wild growth => aoe snare enemies + heal for teammates = best friend of a kiting cleric ;)
    8 Pyromancer for increase cast speed (counter for the cast speed aura self debuff) and an instant root!
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    Specter Veteran BOON


    51 Pyromancer HELL YEAH!
    10 Warlock for max opportunity: Cast fast skills till you get the opportunity buff and then throw in a Cinder Burst (usually its a 6 sec cast time nuke, so yeah, its the big FUCK YOU skill ;) )
    5 Archmage for 15% increase damage from spells pvp only (WOOT!) (or Archon with 5% increase fire spell damage)
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    That last spec is deffo would I would use if I wasn't so allergic to mana. :)
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    This pretty much what I am going for and messed about with this morning.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    what do you mean this morning? you have alpha access!! MOFO!!! ME WANTS FFS :'(
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    Divinitas Community Member

    KC as a mage...god help the world, at least he can fall asleep without people noticing to much

    "KC heal...heal?...HEAL!!!!!"
    "z zZ zz z Z zz z"
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    the archon / chloromancer actually plays pretty much as a chanter tbh :p but with spells instead of melee skills :p
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    Divinitas Community Member

    Ah well, your still screwed then
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    Ary Community Member

    There's been several changes in stormcaller, u might reconsider the spec, like no more Recharge since its been removed, and now Hypothermia debuff gives more bonuses rather than just slowing effects, like increased hit chance and crit dmg.

    My opinion:

    Stormcaller is all about having the target electrocuted and hypothermia'ed, and lets no forget also Ice Sheare'd ( which gives the 42% dmg increase ), all those debuffs the longest one is 12 seconds and they are 3 that u need to put, and 1 of em u need to stack 3 times, in order to do proper dmg, u need to keep track of these 2 (hypothermia + ice shard) debuffs to be always up + the stacking x3 electrocute debuff.

    The Deadly Shards talent, you pick Permafrost, well tell u what, Deadly Shards ona hypothermia'ed + Electrocuted debuffed target increases dmg by 42%. Besides, Permafrost is a 50% chance which makes it not more attractive than the dmg bonus from the Shards, besides aswell the amount of Knockbacks you get from Stormcaller and Dominator trees, plus the huge amount of slows and snares, you will be using Flash Freeze just to stop the enemies and run away to get range just to face em back and slow them again. Also back to the begining, the soul tree is outdated, since Recharge wont be there anymore in the next beta at least.

    You want something like this for PvP:

    the reason for some talents that you didnt pick and I think they are a must, in beta6 and now even more with the new beta7 changes:

    -Cold Weather Training: Now with the new changes, Water spells become so important since they will provide us with more than just the hypothermia bonus, but crit and crit dmg aswell.

    -Recharge: its been removed, instead we get the talents that will make our hypothermia give us crit and crit dmg, not sure which tier they will be atm.

    -Strech of Cold: same as Cold Weather Training but for more dmg per point in the three. 1% more dmg x point, that spec gives u atleast 37% water dmg increase already.

    -Shell Shock: this is totally optional, I dont pick it cuz I no melee should get to u with the amount of slow/snare/cc u have, even if they get to u, u have dominator insta kockback, aoe knockback, and static shield which is in tier5; also I want to mention that the abilities that are affected by this talent a -3 second channel, and one of em already knockback the target so to me its pretty poor root.

    -Lightling Conductor: how in the world u dont spec this one :p u said u want a moneyshot aoe spec, this one gives u 15% more dmg on hypothermia'ed targets with ur castable 4 target hit spell Forked Lightning.

    Pretty much all of what u pick I consider em shit. Again Stormcaller itself has a lot of CC, with dominator even more.
    -Storm Guard: I wont say its useless, but I rather use the charge on getting the 20% bonus dmg. u said u wanted to moneyshot AOE!
    -Charged Field: Consumes Electrified stack, u dont want that:p but this one is tricky. If u can keep track of the elec+hypo debuffs, and if you can refresh the electrified stack RIGHT AFTER you remove that same stack, then its worth it, but so far its quite hard. I explain with spells and the buffs the target gets:

    supossing that the target has hypothermia + 3 eletrified stacks: ( 3 remaining ) ( 45% dmg bonus )
    -you cast: Lightning Field ----> removes x1 electrified ( 2 remaining ) -10% dmg ( 35% dmg bonus )
    -you cast: Forked Lightning ---> Adds x1 electrified (3 remaining ) +10% dmg ( 45% dmg bonus )
    -you cast: Lightning Field ----> removes x1 electrified ( 2 remaining ) -10% dmg ( 35% dmg bonus )
    -you cast: Forked Lightning ---> Adds x1 electrified (3 remaining ) +10% dmg ( 45% dmg bonus )
    like this would be good, but if u dont refresh it:

    -you cast: Lightning Field ----> removes x1 electrified ( 2 remaining ) -10% dmg ( 35% dmg bonus )
    -you cast: Lightning Field ----> removes x1 electrified ( 1 remaining ) -10% dmg ( 25% dmg bonus )
    -you cast: Lightning Field ----> removes x1 electrified ( 0 remaining ) -10% dmg ( 15% dmg bonus )

    15% dmg coming from the hypothermia, 0% from electrified. baddddd.

    -Permafrost: mentioned it before, use it to gain range, u have lots of skills for after slow knockback polymorph, dont waste 2 talents points :p

    About that Dominator tree, well I see you pick Velocity, which is kinda weird, cuz Stormcaller itself is hard enough to keep track of the debuffs to also have a random skill not in the rotation. I hope u know that Stormcaller is all about having the target electrocuted and hypothermia'ed, and lets no forget also Ice Sheare'd ( which gives the 42% dmg increase ), all those debuffs the longest one is 12 seconds and they are 3 that u need to put, and 1 of em u need to stack 3 times, in order to do proper dmg, so Vitality talent is quite pointless there, rather pick 1 more point in Elemental link, which will reduce more the dmg you take, and another point into the Ice Shield, which will give u a shield whenever u activate it, 30 secs CD 30 secs duration or till consumed.

    The Arresting Presence I find it stupid unless you are a kamikaze and go in the middle of the zerg XD, other than that the closest enemies that you will have will be melee, and silence wont do much to em. Besides it consumes charge.

    Im sorry for this huge post, but I took my time to write this because I think you can get a better spec, and also cuz I think u overrate some talents and missing some others that are quite important.

    Ive been playing Stormcaller in beta6, and I didnt play it right till 3 hours before the closing cuz always missed something or did stuff wrong, like no debuff tracking, or bad talent spec like no Deadly Shard, or bad rotations not keeping the debuffs up or using global cooldowns bad so took too long to put the debuffs up.

    Something I can tell you is that Stormcaller needs Air and Water spells to be pr0, cant relay on only 1 of the 2 elements, and thats why I like it more than pyromancer: debuff tracking, rotations, etc etc. Pyromancer its just spam fireball and fireblast and then click on cinderburst when procs, plus its AOE is biggest shit ever :p NO OFFENSE PYROMANCERS :p

    Well, hope it helps and dont be offended please, just trying to help, hence this huge post :rolleyes:
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Arresting presence has a 30 meter cast range, with 10m raidus on the casting point

    That sux i didnt knew that... One of the biggest problem i had while pvping was mana management :(

    The thing is, with the global cooldown mechanic, using this OR electrocute is the FASTEST way to get a target with 3 electricity charges. So i guess that since we're going to use them, we may aswell make them more versatile... 3 second root sounds pretty good to me, gives time for the healer to run to safety and kite. Well i guess it all depends on how the final skill rotations will end up looking like... if i feel that those 2 skills are underused, then these 2 points can be allocated somewhere else!

    Since as of beta6 there was no crit rate / crit damage increase for water spells, i didnt thought this would be that great... Still i suppose air spells will always hit harder than water ones, but this is something that should be tested :) even if we're talking about 37%, if water spell does 100 damage and air spell does 200, it still won't make a big difference...

    Not taking Charged field is bad. I also dont consider it tricky... but i take it because it cause the Lightning Field to bounce ridiculously!
    Imagine you have 11 enemies. Each one electrified and you hit with a Lightning field with Charged Field:
    - Each of the 11 enemies will cause a bouce that hits 3 enemies. Thus, each of them will be hit in average, 4 times ?! I havent tested this out, but if i am to believe what the skill description says, this would be the case! I also dont know how much damage does this "chain" does, but if its 100%, then this mastery will multiply the effectiveness of Lightning field by 4, thats +300% damage.
    About the removal of electrocute charge, i don't know if your math is correct because it is possible that the game counts the damage bonus before removing the stack.

    Deadly shards is really good, now that i look better at it.. the first time i looked at it i didnt got it that it would increase the % damage increase from ice sheer, i thought it was increase on the damage itself... it makes sense now ;)
    Permafrost is another skill that i must test to see how it works properly... Maybe the 50% chance is not enough to make it usefull

    I didnt pick velocity and btw velocity is on the elemental summoner tree :S i picked biting cold to increase crit rate by 5%, combined with 10% from storm tree and inteligence +10% from dominator :)

    Keep up the feedback :)
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    Ary Community Member

    Sorry for my mistakes Specter, the soul tree calculator for some reason takes ages to show the right tooltip information sometimes on some talents, and sometimes shows u the tooltip of the previous or 2 previous talents that u mouseovered before. This is most likely for the elemental tree skill charged, which u said that increases crit of lightning strike. Sorry XD. But well, I stil think you have no time to cast it between, plus 2.5 cast + 10 secs CD. At level 35 I hit for almost 900 with lightning bolt ( or w/e is called ) the very 1st stormcaller nuke 1.5 sec cast no CD cheap mana.

    Btw I need to go now get my brother at the airport now, was just cheking the flights and ended up here XDD... I wanted to post you some screenshots so you could see some of the dmgs :p I will when I come back. But tell you what, water spells like Artic bolt ( which also is pbae on the target ) I hit with that stuff for 850 on all enemies and its spamable and it slows and hypos all enemies within radius, just an example :)

    BB ina few ! :rolleyes:
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Yeah i know that artic bolt is really amazing, its the skill i used most in warfronts because of the AoE snare... but sometimes you also need to use a single snare or root... About lightning strike, is that it does almost double the damage of lightning bolt! if you hit for 900 with bolt i bet ull hit for more than 1.5k with strike :) What i usually did, vs single targets, was spam bolt then when they had 3 electr charges, cast a strike and then move on from there... With charged, and the other passives from both trees, lightning strike has +25% crit chance and +10% crit damage
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    Ary Community Member

    Sure it does maybe double dmg, but its 2.5 cast :p the longer cast obviously the more dmg :p the only occasion I would use that skill would be to finish a target hoping for a crit, tbh u made me like that skill now :p didnt read properly the tooltip, was 6am ![IMG]
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    yeah ;) tbh that skill and the crit % stuff from elemental summoner were the only reasons i picked that soul as the 3rd :D OFC that for lvl 50 pvp i'll probably change it and use the archmage soul that will give 15% inc damage in pvp... but untill that time comes, there will be a lot of chance to test things out :D
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    Gekido Community Member

    I was considering this build:

    34pnts Warlock - for main dding and increased survivability
    16pnts Necromancer - additional dots, pet(reserved mana pool), some aoe, offheal, increased death magic dps and most important thing - Soul Purge.
    16pnts Dominator - intelligence increase, additional mana restoration abilities, and cc(instant polimorph and silence).

    Overall it's very similar to SM in aion, the only difference is that this build is not so dependant on the pets dps or abilities, and you're also able to offheal in some situations. Also with this kind of build you dont have to worry about mana pool, so instead of Wisdom for pvp you can gear yourselves with Endurance.
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    i liked the stormcaller, alot of effective snares, roots, not that bad dmg and a good +speed spell. elemental summoner gives you more survability,the pet is handy, and revitalize is awesome. dominator with 0 points gives you a 2 sec cast time hex (not that bad) while you dont have the archmage soul. ofc since theres alot of possibilities 1 might just get builds for diferent situations and needs.

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