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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by spell, Sep 21, 2012.

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    spell Community Member

    I am one of new pure sPvPers in BOON Control and one of just a few Skirmishers. so I want to offer my help to everyone :) that want to start PvP.
    Since I saw more and more people trying to play sPvP and tournaments and since I play it almost every single time since release of game almost exclusively sPvP (got rank 29) so I know a little about it. I have been playing with really good players and got a lot of knowledge on GW2 PvP.
    So if you need any help or advice for sPvP i will be on Teamspeak (I will be either on sPvP channels or AFK - then just poke me) to help you guys or you can ask questions here. I will try to help as much as I can and as much as I know (dont want to tell bullshit).
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    Jame Community Member

    Spell, I lost the link to the second build you linked me, the dps one. Pretty please can I have it again?
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    spell Community Member

    I will make soon whole list of builds I recommend using in sPvP that I have tested or my friends are using atm with success. :)
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    Jame Community Member

    Awesome. Ty! ^^
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    spell Community Member

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    Nariko Community Member

    Tried out your Ranger shortbow build - TY - having a blast with it!
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    Doku Community Member

    Sweet was searching for a bunker build for engineers
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Do you mind explaining the options you made on the Necro Power/Well build on the Necro forum? I'm curious about some of the choices and dont want to bother the non-Necro with it.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Am also curious as to why you're using an axe in the Power/Well build; I'm thinking that the main weaponset choice will do the life force generation well enough and a staff would bring more utility as a secondary.
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    spell Community Member

    Okay here is my thinking process behind necro power build

    Why those weapons ? Staff in my opinion is really good but you need actually Axe and Dagger as mainhand for Power necro build. Now why
    Axe gives cripple + reliable retaliation boon which is crucial for this build to work since you go either for Soldier Amulet (it will be one of your main damage sources against rangers / thiefs) or for Berserker Amulet (here you can deal damage anyway with attacks). Additionally Taking axe allows you to pick up Dagger as offhand which gives you not only Blind and condi transfer on nr4 but as well 1s Chill on everyone who is hit by it. Not to mention you will get your only way to bring Weakness Condi (50% damage less when enemy crits is really great condition not to mention lower endurance regeneration) to your build to counter Warriors / HS thiefs.
    Taking Dagger+Warhorn gives you a lot of "in your face" dps and gives you longest Daze in this game (4seconds with Mesmer runes and when traited). Additionally with Locust Swarm it which gives you cripple to people around you and Immobilize for 4 seconds it gives you nice control to person that you want to dps (dont allow him to run away)
    Why not take staff? In my opinion for power build it doesnt give you a lot. Nr2 as power is quite useless, Nr3 is quite bugged when traited (aoe of activation is increased but aoe of chill/poison debuff is still small which makes this ability quite useless if not landed exactly on person you want to), Nr4 condi transfer is quite good but with its cooldown its simply worse version of Dagger on offhand Nr4 and ofcourse AoE fear but to take it you need to sacrifice so much its not worth it in my opinion. Lifeforce generation from Nr1 on Staff in theory is quite good but because projectile is sooo slow its really unreliable. To make staff work as lifeforce generator you need to put 20 points in soul reaping and 10 points in Death Magic which is too big sacrifice for me.
    As well if you need good lifeforce regenration its simply better to use your nr1 on dagger which can lead up your lifeforce in few seconds. (and nr5 on warhorn when you are in melee range)
    Why those sigils on weapons? Hydromancy Sigil scales with power (yes it deals damage) and it gives 2 seconds of Chill which you build is really about - to outsustain and win in longer fights (thats why i am thinking about using more Soldier Amulet / Knight amulet not Berserkers). Rage is really good for bursting and Air is simply good for stable dps that Axe is all about.

    Okay so that was about Weapons. Now about Utility skills.
    Double well is extremely strong atm and imo Corrupt Boon is still too strong not to take it. Consume Conditions is sure choice for every sPvP Necro because its too good not to take it.
    If you actually land good immobilize and then pop double well on top of someone you basically got really easy combo onto him and probably will kill him. Well of Suffering deals really great damage and Well of Darkness is great CC well (aoe Blind and aoe Chill for 6seconds is great against thiefs and actually anyone that stands in it). Wells with 10 points in Death Magic gives you as well 3 seconds protection so if you double pop them you get 6 seconds protection (which is only really good way to get it since other option is to take bugged Wall or Spectral Armor with really high CD)

    Why i took Plague (Elite) in power build? I think even tho its about condi damage its still too good control for teamfights and to hold points to not take it. Pet and Lichform are just too weak compared to Plague to take them in sPvP.

    Now about Traits.
    Spite - I took retaliation on DS since you mostly use it when you are focused so you can bouce of a lot of damage since you are Power damage and it scales with Power.
    I took Spinal Shivers on 25% since its great for bursting people down (4sec chill and removes 3 boons from enemy)

    Curses - I took that when enemy gets blind you apply chill for 1 second to make my Well of Darkness ultimate defensive and CC ability. Ofcourse that makes my nr4 on Axe+Dagger set as well a good CC/slow.
    I took reduced duration on Warhorn to allow me to spam my Daze more often and make it a 4 second Daze which is greatest Daze in game since its as well an AoE, gives you more Swiftness as well thanks to nr5 on Warhorn.

    Death Magic - 3sec prot on well is same explanatory

    Blood Magic - I went 20 points to get 20% reduced CD on Wells to make them more "spammable" and on the way I think reduced CD on Daggers allows me to use more my "secondary heal" nr2 dagger and more immobilize and ofcourse it reduces CD on my Axe+Dagger set as well (nr4 and nr5)

    I think thats it :) Hope you understand what i wrote about and give me comments.

    PS: Now they fixed few traits so i need to look if I can upgrade this build (since i think they made 30 points in spite really good option now - removed bug that it gave only 10% damage not 20% as it stated)
    Might change to put 10 points out of Death Magic to 30 points into Spite to get this bonus.
    Now they changed as well Spectral Walk which sounds REALLY good right now. Need to test now since they changes quite a bit.

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