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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Selenus, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    So, speaking in Dota terms, my favourite mid ever is by far Queen of Pain (Wretched Hag from HoN), followed by Storm Spirit (Dr. Repulsor)

    I have many years on dota and hon put together but only picked up LoL about 2 weeks ago, and can't quite decide on a mid. Currently unlocked and playing akali, but also looking at the possibility of ahri, katarina and anivia.

    Ahri and Katarina especially seem to be very popular picks, anivia not so much but still seems to be considered a great mid.

    I probably should master 2 or 3 mid heroes anyway, but I'd like a good suggestion of what might be best for me to pump my way up to 30 asap

    Thanks peeps :>
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    Melody Community Member

    Ahri is great. (fit's in a lot of team comps)
    Anivia is pretty strong but needs lots of practice. (You are pretty screwed if your Jungler sucks as you need Blue Buff) (+ You can troll your own team :D)
    Katarina depends heavily on the enemy setup, a well time stun negates a lot of damage from your Ultimate.
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    I ended up unlocking karthus for now :D though not really massively enjoying his playstyle. Might just have to go with ahri
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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    Unfortunately, i haven't played HoN or Dota 2, so I've got no clue what kind of mids those are you're talking about, but some mids that get picked alot are:

    Orianna works well in a dive composition where you have people that can jump into the enemy ranks.

    Ryze is fairly cheap and a decent pick, since he can be built tanky and still hit like a truck.

    Diana, Twisted Fate, Morgana ... to name a few more

    If you're looking for Assassin type of mids, then Le Blanc might be interessting for you
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Karthus is often banned in ranked games as far as I've understood.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Karthus, Orianna, Anivia.
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    Seraxx Community Member

    Orianna fotm atm just a strong pick, katharina (setup dependend), if you like akali you should also try Diana (plays like akali with a better laning phase and more tankyness), kennen also still strong

    ah karthus is also fine, play safe - watch the map - press R and go huehuehue
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    adagio Moderator

    pfft, just go Fizz.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    You rang?
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    Akemi Veteran BOON

    Master Veigar but stay away from la enemies in team fights then pwn them later ingame. Ryze is quite safe in mid too but bad against anyone who pushes like a mad man.
    Or go Diana and play easy-mode as she's o-k ish in most.
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    Feidan Community Member

    Oriana for safe pick.
    Anivia is very strong and easy.
    TF is one of the best aps if you can roam.
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    I've opted for Katarina and Ahri :)

    Also got Karthus but got meh'd, bit annoying with randoms when you're not on voice comms to make the most out of your ult.

    And Akali, but prefer Kat to her for now.

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