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    By David Campbell November 24th, 2010

    Last week we introduced Hearts of the North, the next phase in the ongoing Guild Wars Beyond series. In this all-new content you’ll reunite the legendary heroes Gwen and Keiran Thackeray and you can look fabulous doing it in one of our elegant new wedding costumes! For this week’s Link Roundup, we’ve collected a lot of the recent conversations and coverage about Hearts of the North, so let’s get to it!

    • Let’s start things off with a developer update from Guild Wars Lead Designer John Stumme, in which he discusses Guild Wars Beyond and offers some insight into the design of the new Hearts of the North content.
    • Game websites around the world were talking about Hearts of the North. Everyone from Ten Ton Hammer to Game Daily covered the new content, including, MMOCraze, and the Belgian site 9Lives.
    • John had a lot to say about the wedding content last week. He supplied the folks at the Nordic gaming site Game Reactor with some helpful background about Gwen and Keiran as well as hints at things to come in Cantha: Winds of Change, the next installment in the Guild Wars Beyond series.
    • Massively sat down with John Stumme to talk about Hearts of the North in a lengthy interview, and also offered up a review/overview of the new content and wedding costumes.
    • The PC Gamer website also chatted with John Stumme about Hearts of the North, and even polled the Guild Wars Live Team as to which side of the aisle they’ll be sitting on during the wedding: Gwen’s side or Keiran’s side?
    • The British gaming site IncGamers offered some useful Hearts of the North tips and posted an interview with John Stumme where he dropped this hint: “After all of the wedding content is completed, a new Hero will have joined the player’s party…”
    • Curse spoke with John Stumme about Guild Wars Beyond in an interview where he offered some insight into the development process and pretty much kills any hope for Guild Wars: The Musical. Darn!

    Thanksgiving is almost here in the States, so the entire studio is going to take a few days off to stuff ourselves with turkey, watch some American football, and (of course) do some gaming. Have a great weekend everybody!

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