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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Jame, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Jame Community Member

    I love WvWvW and there's no way I'll skip that when we're roaming as a guild. However I'd love to do some sPvP when there's nothing going on — preferably with guildies. So anyone interested to make a downtime group? My guess is, we'd mostly be doing tournaments during the weekends and some odd occasions on other days. This doesn't mean, that you shouldn't try your best and work towards winning. I'll rage if we'd keep doing stupid mistakes and losing because of them. :p

    So, anyone?

    Drexciyian (Drexy)
    LeftisoKleftis (Ajax?)
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Im up for it

    Epeen time

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    not sure if that is a good epeen screenshot since almost almost 50% of your points are from pveing forest creatures :p
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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    pve4life yo naw it was a fun close match :p
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    Melody Community Member


    Full Condition Damage - Venom Share Build. And still cant carry those randoms...
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    Jame Community Member

    Kills don't win you the match Melody though. :p

    You need to decide if you're there to just kill people or win the match. With randoms in 8 vs. 8 it's more about if you get lucky or not though.

    (Though to be fair, you seem to have done quite a lot of other things as well. :D)
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    LeftisoKleftis Community Member

    I'm in for Spvp tournaments =) , running warrior and ranger
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    Jame Community Member


    Was Chops approved baby. :)

    Leftis, what's your ingame name? Ajax?
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    What's the problem?
    Or he told chops, and chops approved it.
    If not, he didn't act "under-age" at least.

    Only a few months left till he joins the big boys! :D
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    Jame Community Member

    In his appli it reads 18. I got no problem if it's Chops approved.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Do we have a problem if it's not? Lol ;-)

    Relax, hug a cat
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    Jame Community Member

    Can't. :( Allergic.
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    can't hug every cat
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Stop talking about cats! My landlord won't let us have cats and I want some kittens!!! Not fair :(
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    Jame Community Member

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

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    Jame Community Member

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Bugger. Cuz I'm on my phone so can't embed vids.

    It was a simon from Yogscast Aaaawwwww compilation video.
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    Karn Community Member

    I'm up for some, playing thief/guardian/warrior/ranger tpvp (Skepta/Karn ingame)
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    Jame Community Member

    Guardian would be a really nice addition to have. :p

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