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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Dragontail, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Dragontail Community Member


    You know I kinda rerolled to a Juggernaut. And I am level 35 now. I have played with skill points in immortal and then I reset and put them in rage, but it is not that satifying.

    Now I am wondering what is a good build for leveling a Juggernaut ? And is there a good skill rotation to follow ?

    Any help or tips are welcome ;-)

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    Tent Community Member

    I leveled as Vengeance

    Once you get Impale things die faster.
    Then you get rampage and shatter and things go even faster.

    As for rotation it's kind of pull specific I guess.
    Throw saber -> charge -> smash -> sweeping slash spam is what I used for normal mobs with strong hits to finish things off.
    For elites/strong mobs you just Throw saber -> charge -> sunder strike -> ravage -> shatter -> check for proc that resets ravage -> impale -> check for proc

    Pommel strike is also nice, high damage but can't use it on elites or higher.
    Use Force choke and enrage to keep rage high and pew pew?

    Not saying it's perfect but I quite liked the Vengeance tree once I got up to the final talents.
    I probably left out some things but once you get a feel for the build it will come naturally should you decide to try it out.

    Ps. I Always used Vette, sometimes Quinn for some elites but mostly Vette
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    Verin Community Member

    If you're planning on levelling as immortal which is what I did, I suggest you get a partner.
    Even with top tier talents you're still only outlasting everything. Which takes time :p
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    Playing as Rage spec atm (and i plan on keeping it).
    Focusing on Defence rating mainly and Surge rating (got over 105% crit dmg on force attacks).

    It is though only usefull after you get the 31 point talent. As soon as you get the 31point skill, you simply Smash your way through anything.
    this is my current build (minus 1 skill point cause i am 49).

    Alternatively you can simply invest all remaining points in immortal tree to get some serious reduction in rage usage as this build is trully very demanding.
    This build would allow for for free spamming of AoE slow, and a free Scream after every charge/obliterate.

    Rotations are quite simple, cooldowns are small and dmg is constant and high. I use it with Soresu so i still have guard and the extra aggro/armor.
    The speced smash deals 3k+ dmg to everything around you in pvp. And I am not even 50 yet so no pvp dmg here :)
    It's very easy to setup and on average i would say it doubled my dps in warzones.

    It also made killing groups of mobs in pve a breeze.
    Mind you, this build allows for a more semi-ranged playstyle. It's harder to kite with 2 extra 10m range skills. Also Force Crush is a slow, so it doesnt fill in enemies resolve bar :D
    Animations are also a lot faster than the immortal tree extra skills.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    In beta i played as Rage while leveling my jugg. once you hit 32+ you will decimate everything with Smash.
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    You will indeed but you ll feel like a Sorc and not a Jugg since you won't ever see you sword swinging.
    Charge - Scream - Choke - Crush - Obliterate - Smash - Scream - Vicious Throw

    The Veng tree needs to get buffed asap.

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