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    OK so L2 actually had a pretty cool class system which ended up with something like 32 different classes which caused issues in making groups, so they have brought this together to make just 8 Pure classes as follows;

    1. Siegel Knights
    The entire knight classes are now going to be merged into one tanker called Siegel knight.
    No warriors are now going to be able to replace the knight class.
    Rest of the party is now going to heavily rely on tankers defense skill when in party.
    They will be able to continuously cast hate skill when even dead, and can be resurrected instantly to protect the party.
    And they can also pull the party out of the danger.

    2. Tyr Warriors
    All the warriors are now going to be merged into one class called Tyr Warrior.
    They are going to be an expert of all weapons. Especially spear.
    They are going to be very strong against multiple enemies.
    They are expert on reducing the defense of the enemies and mesmerizing them.
    They can increase the attack and defense ability of the whole party.
    Good news for all of you Kamaels, now you can wear the heavy armor.

    3. Assail Rogue
    All the rogues are now going to be merged into one class called Assail Rogue.
    They will contribute the level of hate of the mobs against certain classes and change the order. For example, if the mob has most hate against the healer and would attack the healer first, the assail rogue can change that against toward the tanker.
    Their ‘hide’ skill gets enhanced, can cast multiple mirror images of oneself that has reduced ability then oneself, but others cannot tell which one is the real you.
    The assail rogue also uses two different kinds of poisons that enhances a critical chance, reduce movement speed and prevents enemies from casting spell.
    They will mostly take the role of luring the mobs and prevent them from casting spells.

    4. Yield Archer
    All the archer class is now going to be called Yield archer.
    They have the fastest movement speed above of all the classes. Now they can use both the bow and the bow gun. The archers can summon a lightning falcon that can attack. The yield archer will no longer need to carry any arrows but can shoot out three different kinds of magic arrows, each has different effects. One deals higher critical damage, another deals multiple damage on multiple enemies and the other that can deal sustainable damage.
    They will acquire special trap skills that are similar to the ones from the tricksters but are stronger, and can increase their attack speed dramatically temporarily.
    It seems they have been improved on the PvK also. They can push back the enemy with the bow and shoot out an arrow that reduces the movement speed of the enemy.
    Just like the assail rogues, they can control the aggressiveness of the mobs toward the tanker, and when in danger, they can ‘dribble’ the monsters.

    5. Win Summoner
    All the summoners are going to be called Win Summoner.
    They can summon multiple creatures and would be somewhat similar to the new wizard class, the Paired Wizard. They will be able to summon an ultimate creature.
    They are experts on de-buffs.

    6. Paired Wizard
    The entire wizards are now going to be called Paired Wizard. They have mastered all the elementals. Whatever the elemental you choose, all of your attack skill would be syncronized to that elemental (and can be switched easily), except some of the ultimate spells. They can double cast any magic of 4 elemental attacks. They can also cast one de-buff and one attack spells at same time, or even cast double de-buff spells. Because they are extremely vulnerable at close combat, they have skills that prevent the enemy from getting close.

    7. Eath Enchanter
    All the buffer class would be called the Eath enchanter. (Includes the Kamael Judicator.)
    Even the dancers and singers are now going to be the Eath Enchanter. They will be expert on dual weapons, including the dual blunt weapons. They will get rush skill that will get them get closer to the monster quickly. They are the point guard of the party if compared to the basket ball. They can take the party out of the danger when necessary. They can turn the mobs into a butter fly or a pig.

    8. Aeore Healer
    All the healers are now going to be one under class called Aeore Healer.
    They can summon ‘lumi’ to help them do solo play. But not recommended to summon it when in party, because it reduces the healing ability.
    They can also summon the fairy of life to aid them healing the party. You could assign the fairy of the life to heal exclusively on one character, and then it will automatically heal that character any time he/she needs to be healed. This means less pressing that hated ‘F1’ button. You can let the fairy of life heal one while you concentrate healing the others.
    They can also summon trees that replenish life, removes de-buff and enhances defense.

    All classes are going to receive an unique ride based on the race that has special skills.

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