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    While the rest of the world watches and waits for the release of TERA in Europe and America there are a select few that rather not wait. These few individuals are playing TERA on the Korean servers.

    While getting started may not be as easy as playing other games designed for our region, it really isn't over complicated. The internet has a number of step by step guides available, not to mention the high level of support all new players will find in our very own TERA section. So for those of you visiting the site for the first time and would only love to play TERA, go straight here and we'll see you ingame in no time.

    Enough about how to play TERA and lets look at why to play. Upon joining the game for the first time you will see that TERA looks amazing, the level of detail to your surrounds is mind blowing. It's one aspect of the game you won't be let down by. Here's a video of ingame footage at 720p.

    Class and Race
    I was a little disappointed about the lack of body customization we all have come accustomed. That said, there are plenty of Races to choose from. Which all are very different, offering racial skills depending on which race you pick. A more detailed look into racial skills can be found in the guide section.

    The cutest possible character, the Elin. Regardless of racial skills, you will find it hard not to play one.

    After choosing your race it's time to look at what class you are going to play, I personally went Priest, as I play support in all MMO's. I found it a great solo pick, which skills designed for farming/leveling. These same skills are not quite as effective during pvp, that said its very easy to kill any class 1 v 1, with the aid of a Sleep skill.

    So you'll have the choice of, Berserkers, Warrior,Lancer, Archer, Sorcerer, Slayer, Mystic and Priest. Again this will be entirely up to you and you can find more detail on each class in the guide section. Since playing this game, I've heard great things about all classes, there doesn't seem to be that one class that's just gimp and no one plays. All classes are viable, that said, Slayer seems to be a big hit ingame. Infact, melee dps seems to be the flavour. So if you're considering Slayer, here is some ingame footage from the Slayers POV.

    TERA is very much your typical Korean MMO, each class has its job and nine times out of ten you will need one of each class to complete your PVE goals. One of the two tank classes are require if you wish to run through instances smoothly. And one of the healing classes of course. After that, it can be any combination of dps classes. I personally like this in a game, defined roles, where there is no confusion on who is doing what.

    The UI is pretty much the same UI used in Aion, if it was a button in Aion you can be sure the same button does something in TERA. With the addition of being able to bind skills to Right and Left mouse click.


    Skills, Casting and Movement
    As far as using your skills go, some classes are required to lock onto their enemy to cast skills, while others must be within range and simply aim and click. This opens a whole new door in MMO's, now not only are you being tested on your skill of the game but your aiming is also being tested. In TERA you will miss attacks, target wrong person for heals and fail to avoid attacks. You ability to aim and dodge will be what separates the men from the boys.

    This is a good thing though, there will be no tabbing out while you auto attack a monster. You will be involved in every second of the fight. It's electrifying and exciting!

    Story Line and Questing
    The questing couldn't be easier even though the dialog is all in Korean, you simply click to accept and once finished you click to hand it in. There is also a link to where you need to go in each quest you take. Follow the link which is placed on your map and kill the required monster and boom you're done. So don't be worried about "omgs I'll never be ables to questz"

    The game has a main storyline much like Aion you will be required to complete campaign quests before being to continue on. I love these, the cut scenes and general lay out of the quests are fun and always interesting.

    AI, Monsters and Bosses
    The detail which has been put into the AI is immense, where in most games you would have to wait until a Boss to see a mob with skills. In TERA every enemy has a number of skilled attacks, along with a Rage/Ulti skill. You will also find that the enemies will evade your attacks, which is quite annoying to say the least!!to the game in the long run. Here's a look at a level 38 Elite quest monster in 1080p. The suggested party size was five, though we were fine with four.

    As far as PVP goes, the game is lacking a small bit. That said the developers have announced that they are not developing PVE until they release more PVP in the game, the next big patch will include, server vs server and more PVP modes. As it stand the level 40+ zone is an open PVP zone, so you will need to keep your wits about you while leveling. Combined with party PVP modes and Clan War modes, the game is jam packed with PVP. Some now and some to come soon we are told.

    In Conclusion, the game overall is very enjoyable. The PVE is fun and for the first time in a long time, I'm enjoying questing and level aside from the fact its all in Korean. The PVP is very much end game and gear based, I look forward to it as I'm not level 58 quite yet. The graphics are next to none. There are plenty of English speaking players so you wont be alone. There is no point waiting for release in your region, TERA Korean is amazing in its own right. I would suggest this game to anyone to play, its a full game with no corners cut. Its a next generation game, come join us ingame as the worst thing to come out of it is... you're going to know everything about the game before its release in your region and owning nubs will be even easier!!

    Well guys, thanks for reading and I hope it has convinced a few of you to come play TERA Korea, if in fact you are interested, make your way over to the TERA section of the forums and we will do everything possible to get you up and running with as little hassle as possible.


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