Kingdom Under Fire II

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Ðrakon, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Kingdom Under Fire II

    One more game to be released, this one i dunno if its P2P or F2P, from the videos it looks nice with epic battles they say its a Action Strategy RPG - Multiplayer Online Action RTSRPG. Probably something like The Last Remnant but online o.o
    The game has some

    • Title : Kingdom Under Fire II
    • Developer : BLUESIDE Inc.
    • Genre : Action Strategy RPG - Multiplayer Online Action RTSRPG
    • Platform : PC Online / PS3
    • Target Release Date : Korea PC online - Service planned for 2011
    Oficial Site
    Fee: No ideia!
    here there is a debate saying its P2P and F2P
    either way its in the xbox section so cant really tell if they are nabs or xbox has some online P2P games

    I hope you like!
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