K Tera english patch?

Discussion in 'TERA' started by Rooster, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Rooster Community Member

    i read some guide on some english patch but im scared to try it because its a couple of months old, any 1 tht still plays have a more current one?
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Modifying the game is bannable, so I wouldn't use it. You really don't need it in English to understand it anyway. If you played a Korean MMO before like Aion, then the UI etc. is all similar.

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    Rooster Community Member

    i never played aion :/ and also i just logged into the server select screen but canot find the 이스텔 server anywhere on the list :/
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Ah... they just merged servers......


    What server you guys on now after the merges ?

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    Rooster Community Member

    stateofreality isn't playing atm, he told me in his pm, and fokkie i never got a hold of...i just joined 1 and tbh im lost as hell, i found a page called terafans.com which seems to be the main hub for the US/EU players playing tera but the page is down account of hardware failure til 2morrow :/ i know when it comes up i will find out where every English speaker is gathered hopefully
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    Alarisia Community Member

    Oh I am pretty sure that the current server for english speakers is Ellion (엘리온), I believe that is the server that Mystel (이스텔) merged with. Hope this helps! If you need anymore help just let me know. I am willing to get into a vent or talk in skype with you if you are that lost. Honestly it is pretty easy to get a hang of once you get your bearings, even with the language barrier.
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    Rooster Community Member

    ok cool, il give it a try... im also really tempted to try and install that english patch since i cant understand how to do any of the quests :/
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    Alarisia Community Member

    I would highly suggest not doing that. For one I am almost positive that there isn't any working english patch out there because they broke them, two, there is a possibility of them banning you which would really suck.

    If you don't understand a quest just skip it if you can. Most of the kill quests are what give the real exp. and are easy to do. Really once you get a hang of the pattern it's very easy. If you need translations of the UI and such, let me know I have them somewhere on my computer still I think. I can email you them or something.
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    Rooster Community Member

    hmmm you have a point, gah well i guess il have to solo it til terafans.com gets back online and search for people there to play with
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    Shantotto Guest

    There was an english patch, however it's several versions old and not compatible anymore, it isn't being updated because the author got some legal post from teras developers telling him to stop or get sued so he stopped.

    ie, that english patch won't work anymore and won't be updated in the future to work.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Yup Ellion is the new server with the English community!

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    Rooster Community Member

    yeah i can see people with english names typing korean and such, im just reading forums now to see how i can whisper them
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    Dogoparma Community Member

    I joined on that server ( i checked simbols from here and chosed the one with same simbols, for simbols i mean korean lenguage ) but there i see only korean everywhere... chat, quest everything, can someone tell me wich server is where i can find some english speaker? whould be good can make some party.
    Also do you guys know if i try to talk with someone in english in K-tera i can get report and account banned?
    thx in advance

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