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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Verin, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Verin Community Member

    Initial PVE Tanking spec:
    Tanking spec

    So! My initial build! After having tried the stress test.
    I'm not sure yet if I want to try levelling as vengeance. I didn't have any issues levelling as full immortal spec.
    Then again I did level every bit of it with Foxeh on his assassin.
    Oh levelling as a group is no issue, no penalties for running in a group. Infact you gain social points doing so.

    And ofcourse you always have a group at hand to do the different group quests you come across.

    There are as far as I can tell a good reason to stay proper tanking spec, as there are loads of group quests needing a tank and healer to do without to many issues. Not to mention the flashpoints spread across the levels.

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Lvling as a tank is very viable specially with vette at your side ;-) she has some sick damage dealing capabilities
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    Merketh The MerkBot

    Yeah - I'd say for leveling as a tank you dont generally need a healing comp, just go with a DPS one instead unless you are on a higher level elite or something.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Healing companions kinda blow tbph, their heals are so shitty and low its just better to burst whatever opposition down with a dps one like Vette asap instead.
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    Bluff Community Member

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    Tvar Classic Officer

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    Bluff Community Member

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    Dragonay Community Member

    I was thinking of going with this build:
    First tank build

    It's gonna be the first time I actually play tank, played it a bit in Beta and quite liked it.
    Went a bit with vengeance as it has Unstoppable and I seem to use Force Charge a lot of times.

    My initial build was full Immortal and slightly Vengeance.

    But yea Vette has some sick DPS so might go allout Immortal and divide the rest

    Any tips r welcome :)
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    Kephir Veteran BOON

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    Dragonay Community Member

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    Verin Community Member

    I don't really see what you're going for with that build. it seems to me that its a little of everything. Mind going through the idea behind it?

    If its for pvp, you're leaving out 3 really strong CCs, to basically get 10% heal every time you can break CC.
    And if its for pve I don't really understand why you wouldn't go for chrushing blow and backhand. They look like strong tanking abilities, and backhand is even a stun.
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    Verin Community Member

    oh also updated my build to this:
    pve tanking

    No clue how my pvp spec would look yet as I kinda need to give it a whirl ingame first.
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    Dragonay Community Member

    I was mostly aiming for Damage Absorption rather then Damage Dealing.

    Focussing on getting Payback for healing and Unstoppable for a Leroy Jenkins.(which oddly enough I seem to do a lot). Also going for Sonic Barrier for the obvious reasons. I reviewed it now, and it seems a bit weird. But I'm not to familiar with the skills yet as I only played Beta once for a short while.

    Here's a recap.
    version 2.0

    However, I am reviewing the tank classes and skills and think I'd enjoy SA more then SJ

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