Jon Peters Answers More Healing and Death Question

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    Earlier in the week, we posted a batch of questions about our recent article on healing and death, and the corresponding answers from designer Jon Peters. This evening, we conclude the Q&A session, bringing you more specifics about getting knocked down and getting up again, including revival times and fighting to the end in PvP.

    Read on for further clarity on what it means to live and die Guild Wars 2.

    Q: What happens to a downed player if they don’t do anything? Will they automatically be teleported to a waypoint after a certain amount of time?

    When a player is downed and has no enemies around, they will slowly lose consciousness and become defeated; at that point, they will remain in place until they chose a waypoint to revive or an ally revives them.

    Q: If it takes longer for others to revive you each time you die, when does it stop getting longer, and when does it get back to its shortest time again?

    We are still balancing the numbers on things, but as of now, you can get down to about 60% of your total consciousness bar through repeated deaths. It takes a few minutes of not dying to make this penalty go away

    Q: Do you have to down a player in order to rally, or do you have to defeat a player in order to rally?

    In order to rally in PvE you must kill a monster. In PvP you must defeat a player to rally, so two downed players do indeed get into situations where they are racing to defeat each other.

    Q: What happens if you’re all alone, and die with no enemies around (from something like poison or its equivalent)? Is there a way to ‘revive’ yourself other than killing an enemy while in downed mode?

    There are no other ways to rally yourself when you are alone; you must defeat an enemy or wait for an ally to revive you.

    Q: Will we still move as normal, or are we knocked prone when downed?

    You cannot move when you are downed; you are lying on your back. Some professions have skills that allow them to move when downed. For example, an elementalist can use Vapor Form to move around while downed, but when it expires they go back to the prone state.

    Q: Can enemies continue to deal damage and target downed characters with shutdowns or conditions, or are downed characters effectively invincible?

    Yes, downed characters can still take damage.


    Q: Do you have to claim the killing blow on an enemy to rally, and how difficult will that be with healthy allies attacking the same target?

    No, you have to gain experience from the kill to rally.

    Q: Won’t we see people using defeat as a means of travel? Are you taking steps to prevent exploits of the downed mechanic?

    When a player dies, they can choose to travel to the exact same set of waypoints that they could normally travel to just by bringing up their map. There is no advantage to be gained from a player dying first and then travelling.

    Q: You seem set on fundamentally changing a lot of the MMO established models, and in particular the “holy trinity.” Aren’t you afraid that there are too many innovations for GW2? How can you be sure that it’ll be fun for the GW1 players?

    We are very set on changing established models that we think were not working in general or do not work for our game. Guild Wars 2 is its own game with its own rules, and we want to make sure that the experiences from playing it gel together. If we see something that is an established convention, we are just as unafraid to use it as we are to use something new. We have a lot of GW1 players here at the office, and they are our first line of defense to make sure we are doing the right things, but ultimately it comes down to making the right decisions to make Guild Wars 2 the best game it can be.

    Thanks again to Jon for shedding light on our questions. Remember to check back soon for more updates to the blog. With all the excitement over the ranger and his pets, we’re sure to have another link roundup and possibly even another round of questions and answers in the days to come!

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