Interested in playing KTera, just a couple issues

Discussion in 'TERA' started by Eleyetee, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Eleyetee Community Member

    After the playing the NA beta I decided to play K-Tera. However, I ran into a couple issues. Mainly, I can't DL the client. I had several run-in issues with the reactor on the hangame site that prevented me from directly DLing the client, and when I DL'ed an old KOBT file the invoker gave me strange 403 errors. However, my friend has been able to DL the client off the official website with no issues, despite his computer probably not being good enough to run the game. My question is, if I transfer the client files from his computer to mine after he's done patching through an external HD, will I be able to run the game? Thanks! Any help in actually getting my computer to DL the client directly would be helpful too!

    Edit/Update: I found out one of the reasons why I can't use the hangame reactor is that when I go to update the reactor, it automatically updates/switches the reactor the USA ijji reactor, which I guess is incompatible with Tera. However, when I try to rip the reactor files from my friend, it doesn't show properly, giving me a "this webpage cannot be displayed" error on the reactor. Is there a way to update/get the hangame reactor and not having this happen?

    Update: Ok even after ripping the files off the HD from my friend's computer I still get the -403 error on the invoker.exe. The game will simply not run or download no matter what on my computer and I'm thinking the fault lies in some regional error. The ijji reactor consistently changes to the US version, any help would be appreciated.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Uninstall ijji, it is not needed and is a heap of crap.
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    Eleyetee Community Member

    Ok, after uninstalling ijji I still get -405 errors when I try to DL the client off of the official website.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    So when you click the image on the page to download the client, you get an error pop-up.

    Is this correct ?

    If so, either reduce your browsers security level because you need to download a lot of activex for hangame to work. Alternatively, try another browser.

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