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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Darije, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Might be longer post and not perfectly written in English, but please bear with me, if possible...

    This post is all about making our play within guild more useful, and maybe even more team (guild) oriented.

    Probably most of you know that success in WvW grants to whole guild PvE boosts or boons. Al those boons go reset every time new WvW starts.

    Maybe not all of you know that we earn influence points (IP) doing any bits of gaming in PvE, and those points are spent for PvP boosts.

    This kind of synergy works just fine and it all cool, but we don't use it to its full potential (earning IP).

    Many of you have played dungeons in any mode, and you know that you can get very nice items and nice cache. But, there is more. If you play with some PUGs you earn 10 IP per dungeon run. Whats WAY better for you and guild is the fact that you earn 100 IP if party who took that Dungeon run was just guild party (no random players of friend of a friend invitations). That means that your single dungeon run brings to guild 20 IP instead of just 10 IP.

    For same effort you got double prize.

    I was checking gain of influence points over time (for few days), and I noticed so much activities and so small gain. One more illustration:

    According to GW2 wiki, you gain 2 IP for every Event completed in PvE (not WvW). BUT, but if there is a group of 2+ guild member in same event guild gain 20 IP per event. If you do math that's 5 times more then expected.

    2player * 2 IP = 4 IP, but arena net give you 20 instead.

    So its very good idea to go around in pairs and do lots of PvE events.


    Well, beside money and skill points, 1 more thing that give us as Guild an edge is consumption of IP to start time limited boosts of power, speed and other 2 attributes. There are some more boosts, but price of those boosts goes high if you want to have them all in one specific moment.

    Again, in numbers, of 130k IP points our leader have burned half of that sum to have all of those boons ready on start of new round of WvW. Those boons are must if you wish to have any chance in tier 3, tier 2 and tier 1 WvW matches.


    If you play dungeons try to make full guild party, and if you must (GOD forbid any shady reason to play PvE) play in company of 2+. Then KC will not have 1 reason to yell on you: lack of IP. :) Of course he will find 3 others instead, but that's OK.

    PLEASE: if I am to slow in grasping games mechanics or all guild members are aware of those facts don't flame me in your replies. Just point out that I am wrong or just give me argument why not to give damn about this (on polite way), and this will will be enough for me.

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    Jinx Community Member

    Omg -.- KC already replied about that matter in the other 1,000 threads on the same theme. :alien:
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    Kisiek Community Member

    According to this you get 100 points of influence when you have 4 ppl in party from the guild. If you dig a bit further you find: "WvW is the fasted way to gain guild influence, due to the high number of events there.". So you can go on a journey to defeat the evil boss in the scary dungeon and get it done in like 30min or so (didnt really do much dungeons so im just guessing the time) and get 100 influence. Or you can get 4 ppl from guild and go WvW and in that 30 min you can get 6 supli camps (+doly mini events dunno if they count) i think 7 sentry and hip a loads of dolys delivering supplies. So basicly if every event granst you influence from one run around the WvW map 6 camps 7 sentry at least 7 delivery dolys so its 20 events 20 influence each. Not only it give influence to your guild it also gives points to your server. If you are lazy or need to be semi afk you can go defend a tower, keep or SM. If enemies attack (on EB its all day every day constant attacking) its a event every 3 min.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Just to correct this, if you are afk or don't participate in the tower/whatever defense, you won't gain any influence points because you don't gain any event completion.

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