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    Beta Testing

    Q. This game looks awesome! How can I participate in the beta testing?
    A. The game is currently in the third Closed Beta Testing (CBT) phase of four. To get in to the closed beta, you need to submit an application to XLGAMES via the Official ArcheAge website. However, to do so requires a Korean SSN. All of these applications get put into a lottery and a lucky few will be accepted to participate. The requirements to get into the Open Beta Testing phase have not been set, though they are likely to also require a Korean SNN.

    Q. When is the next beta test?
    A. The next closed beta test (CBT3) will occur between May 24th and 29th, so check back soon for in depth information!

    Q. When is the Open Beta test?
    A. The Korean Open Beta for ArcheAge is tentatively scheduled for November, 2011. However, this date is not fixed and it may be delayed slightly.

    Q. Will there be NA/EU beta tests for ArcheAge? If so when will they be?
    A. There is generally an additional beta test preceding the release of a title in a different region to ensure the porting of the game to the new region runs smoothly. There is no official date set for this to occur, but judging from other Korean to NA/EU releases, it is likely to occur 3 months after the Korean beta test.


    Q. When will the game be released?
    A. No official release date has been set. The Korean version of ArcheAge will most likely be released in Q1 of 2012.

    Q. Who is the publisher for ArcheAge?
    A. XLGAMES will be the publisher for Korea. Tencent Games has been confirmed as the publisher for China. No publishers have been officially announced for NA/EU/Russia, though these have been identified as key target markets by XLGAMES so be patient.

    Q. Will ArcheAge require a subscription fee?
    A. No subscription model has been chosen yet. Any information stating otherwise is false (as of 4/24/2011).
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