HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S2 (or another!)

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Selenus, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Okay, discuss which.

    If you have any interest / knowledge on the two that is. I can't decide which to get as a new phone, or whether to wait for something else. Thing is, I've already been waiting for over a year to upgrade.

    The Samsung seems to win out on most aspects, from the fact its super amoled screen doesn't become hard to see under direct sunlight exposure or tilted, and has a slightly better camera, more ram and generally wins out on benchmarks. Also has longer battery life than the Sensation, and generally has better reviews.

    However, the big downside is, from what I've seen, its UI. It's not clunky or anything, but just downright UGLY in comparison to the regular HTC UI. Oh that and the keyboard, it has a terrible keyboard, even checking some mods to the keyboard it seems to be a deathtrap for anyone with big hands (ie, me).

    So yeah, I would really appreciate some help if someone could help me decide on my new phone. Other suggestions are also very welcome. My focus is camera quality, UI quality and battery life. Not particularly into Apps, unless a phone is massively restricted, then that might be a problem as well.

    Thanks all :)
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    Miyo Community Member

    its running on android, so you can change launcher in your phone (there's lot of them) to something more attractive. IMO samsung's touchwiz > htc's senseui, but its personal choice :p
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    Felby Community Member

    the Galaxy S2 comes with Swype, which means you can drag your finger over the letters you want and it will detect what word you mean, and it works amazingly well

    the touchwiz is also 10 times better then senseui, it has some silly stuff but its more responsive and it's faster

    easy choice unless there is something on the HTC you really want
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Well I saw that the HTC has an amazing integration with facebook on the contacts book which definitely beats the Galaxy S2, but I suppose I could just go on FB manually and onto someone's page. Hmm... decisions!
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    Felby Community Member

    HTC and Samsung both use Android so you will get the same integration
    I have the S2 and I mistakenly deleted all my contacts when switching phones, logged into facebook app which came with the phone and all my contacts were back
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    katmai Veteran BOON

    Have you checked out some reviews about samsung nexus s ? It packs some neat features and it comes with android 4.0. This would be my choice of a phone

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    Angelo Community Member

    I have the HTC 7 I do love it.
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    Miyo Community Member

    this, new nexus can be a good choice, especially when its first smartphone with new android ;>

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