HowTo: PvP against thieves

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Klecksi, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Hey guys, I noticed a lot of people are struggling to fight against thieves. So check this out.

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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    Not sure if the thieves themselves wanna listen to how to beat them, but it's still an awesome compilation of tips on how to deal with them pesky basterds.

    I still think tho that their burst is a bit too high, especially for WvW standards ... but yea, the guys at ANet said that the game will be balanced around
    SPvP and WvWvW will never really be balanced
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    I posted the video here as it's the forum about thiefs. Please move the thread if there's a better place to post this?

    What do you mean with balance for wvw standards? Thiefs have single target burst which applies to spvp the same way it does for wvw. Anyways I doubt there's a way to balance wvw completely. The best balance wvw can get is a balanced spvp.
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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    Well in close quarter combat, like SPvP where you know you'll have to deal with a thief you might be able
    to pull off the defensive actions properly to survive him ... in WvW if he catches you by surprise you're done for.

    That's why it might be balanced as it is for SPvP cause if you're skilled enough you can dodge his crap and kill him
    and if ANet nerfs the class it'd be to easy, some skill should be involved in grabbing kills on a battlefield where
    everyone is equipped the same.
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    Menru Veteran BOON

    watched it..never realized they were so big of a problem

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