How To Change Your E-mail Address On Hangame

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    Firstly, log in to your Hangame account. This is done by putting your details into the box pictured below which will appear in the upper middle right hand side of the page on the Hangame site. (Hangame site being See picture below....


    Then click the box pictured below once you have logged in. (note it is the same box you press when you change your password, guide on that can be found here


    Then you need to go to the "Change my linked e-mail address page". This is done by clicking the menu option shown below.


    After clicking this button, you will be prompted for a KSSN check. There will be three fields needing filled in on this screen. The top is your account name (which should be done for you) the middle is your password and the bottom is the last 7 digits of your KSSN. See the image below.


    After you have done this, you will now be on the change linked e-mail address screen. There are a lot of options and things you can edit on this page, but make sure you ONLY change the e-mail address and nothing else. The section to do with e-mail address change is shown in the image below.


    Note that the check box labelled "click here" in the above image will sometimes not be there, so if it does not appear, ignore this part and just change the e-mail address and confirm.

    Finally once you hit confirm above, you will be hit with numerous popups that you just click yes to and you may or may not need to do a login again just to confirm it. Just keep pressing yes and logging in to any popups it sends you until there are no more popups and then that is your account linked to a new e-mail address.

    Hangame will send an e-mail to your new linked address as soon as this process is complete to reassure you that the process was a success.

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