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Discussion in 'TERA' started by karthalin, May 9, 2011.

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    karthalin Community Member


    I've been doing a fair amount of searching on how to play Tera while I am in Japan on business. I thought there was an english patch out there, but it turns out that the guy doing it was serverd legal papers to cease making the english patch. Very unfortunate...

    Then I came across Boon Control and am reinvigorated to try Tera out again. I have a Korean friend helping me download the game and create a Hangame account, all I need is the motivation to buy it and login not being able to understand any of the games menus or controls. I have found all the postings here about menus and various NPCs and it makes me think it possible. So I ask this, how much fun is it once you learn the very basics? I am still a bit cautious, especially when it comes to character development and equipment choices since it will be a guessing game, just choose an option and click. Maybe there actually is an English patch and once I join on the unofficial foriegners server I will be pleasently surprised :D
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    If you have played any MMO before for any length of time, you will be fine.

    If you have played Aion before, the default key configurations are almost identical.

    The Korean gamers are seriously nice people too so its a nice atmosphere to play in.

    As for choosing gear, using the AH and stuff like that, again, if you have played an MMO before you will be surprised how easy it is to figure out what is going on even if you don't speak a word of Korean. I have played TERA and Blade & Soul recently on the Korean servers and have had no problems. Sometimes you get a quest that might take a little longer than usual to figure out what you are supposed to do, but 9 times out of 10, you have no problems.

    Anyone that tells you that playing MMO's on Korean servers is difficult because of the language, well they have either had very little MMO experience, or are slightly retarded because it is sooo easy.
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    karthalin Community Member

    3 year WoW vetran, Aion, Warhammer and as of late Rift. And like the Boon homepage says, Rift is a big disappointment and I dont want to wait until the end of the year for Tera/SWTOR/GW2, looking to get into another MMO now but nothing is out there that interests me besides Tera. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Well based on your experience of MMOs and that you have played Aion (seriously, the default keybinds are almost identical) then I see you having no problems at all.

    One thing I would recommend doing is installing a virtual Korean keyboard. Just google how to do it for your operating system. Once you have done that, if you can communicate with the Koreans if you need help with anything. There is a list on the forum somwhere with commands to type on a qwerty keyboard to produce Korean sentences if you have the virtual keyboard on. They look like stuff like "orugvienrveiyvneyr" but when you have the Korean keyboard on it creates proper sentences. You can also macro these ingame to save typing them each time.

    You best bet is to macro "Hello, do you speak English" and "My Korean is not so good". Most Korean players will speak some English, and most younger players seem quite fluent in English, however, if you talk to them in English straight away, they will be less helpful to you. If you try to communicate in their language first, they respect you more for trying and will help you more. As long as you pick up key phrases fast like, yes/no, gogo, stop, rest, thanks, gz, then you will pretty much be able to understand 90% of what is going on in a group.

    Playing TERA in Korea is a great experience and worth trying out.

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