Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Selenus, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Hey peeps.

    I see some of you on Steam playing it, so I guess it's out now and you've bought it.

    So, is it worth buying? :) I've always been a big fan of the M&M and HOMM series, though I find HOMMV was a complete disappointment so I wanted to avoid another disaster :p
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    would be nice if someone could give anice review over it.
    i am a fun of the seires as well and would like to know.
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    Tendo Community Member

    Imo it's worth buying it. The graphics are better, but the gameplay is kinda the same as the other games before. Always loved the serie and this one didn't disappoint me so far either!

    The only thing I kinda find weird is the campaign lines. It sometimes really seems like they tried to hard to get a decent story to it, resulting in weird/ overdone comments.

    If you like the previous games this one won't let you down imo
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    Gekido Community Member

    no castle view, just some movie file playing in replay whn you "enter" castle/town mode... :(
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    I enjoy it, it's different from any other HOMM game in the series but it runs smooth and the campaign is actually quite enjoyable for a change. They've already stated the town screen will be added later.

    I'm 30 hrs in now and enjoying it more than IV and V. Will be quite close to III when they add some more factions.
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    will play it once ubisoft fixes the trouble of flickering graphics and flickering mouse
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    Mizou Community Member

    amazing !
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    Delvoid Community Member

    first time playing the game, not played the ones before. So far loving it though! was worth the buy
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    Tendo Community Member

    Hmm anyone mainly playing Sanctuary?
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    I... Enjoy it. But I enjoy turnbasedstrategy. It's not a HOMM game imo, because it removes the randomness etc, but it's still probably a good game. Units are a lot more special in this game than the others. For my HOMM needs though I play 5 a lot, since it is honestly very true to the series (4 was horrible).
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    Balmung Veteran BOON

    Coz getting 2 random useless skills on level up was so much enjoyable!!!

    Homm6 rights alot wrongs imo. You can now choose what skills you want on level up. Its possible to convert forts/cities you conquered. No more mixed army madness, unless you want to. All the menus are now neat and well-arranged. No more annoying guerilla style mine stealing! While some may question that change, I can tell you that instead you get dramatic battles for the cities that hold the mine. And lets be honest, the siege battles always were the most fun :D
    The initiative-system was changed, no more godmode for fast units (They were able to perform two actions before heavy and slow units were able to perform even one).
    In addition you get a deep story and 5 really long campaigns (100-200+ hours worth of playtime)

    All together I think it's proly the best homm since homm3 and its endless addons.


    EDIT: Btw since Steam was mentioned, anyone else notice our steam stats are broken? On our site and on our the steam community page as well it seems. weird.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Steam stats thing was always a bit broken, hope they are taking some time to fix it so that it doesn't screw up our website all the time.

    And I completely agree with Balmung, this is definitely the least random version of HOMM yet it doesn't take out the replayability value because of the amounts of little things you can progress in. Think of destiny weapons, you need to level each one of them along with the actual destiny experience levels.

    Already had a good time playing multiplayer, there's so many choices to make which can easily decide the outcome of the game. This is imo the best version of HOMM for multiplayer as it takes out some massive imbalances out of HoMM 3. But also the campaign is easily the best one in the series, so far it was only HOMM IV that actually tried to put down a decent story but if you look past the terrible voice-acting in M&M VI it is by far the most interesting story.

    The only thing I'm a little worried about right now is the importance of endurance and healing/regeneration, without it you will likely loose too much of your army throughout the creeping process.

    Personally I've mostly played Inferno in custom/MP games now and the Undead campaign (which gets fun after the first level, 2nd level is awesome imo).

    PS: Steam says 34 hrs played so far since it's been out :p


    Still out of the bunch of HOMM games I'd now have to rank: 1. HoMM III 2. HoMM VI 3. HoMM V 4. HoMM IV 5. HoMM II. They're all close together for me tbh as I've enjoyed each one a lot.

    HoMM II place 5 because it has a nostalgic value, it worked quick and the factions were solid but there just isn't much to keep playing it nowadays and it looks dated.

    HoMM IV place 4. It had a solid campaign with a good story, beautiful music and great atmosphere. It also looked quite good. Bad things were, Heroes could replace entire armies, armies could run around freely, the town screens looked lackluster, no creature upgrades. There's quite a bit that took away replay-ability but the actual heroes were quite entertaining to level.

    HoMM V place 3 because it had a great setup especially with the added expansions, but I hated the graphics and the game runs terrible even on a modern monster PC. While there are some community made patches to fix the speed, they disable multiplayer. The town screens were the best in the series and same goes for the town screen music. There's also a lot of factions, upgradable units (a choice between 2 upgrades) and special faction skills.

    M&M VI place 2 because it takes away the cartoony graphics HoMM V had, it runs smooth and the AI is fixed. The randomness is replaced by more difficult choices and paths to take. The music is decent, although you don't hear much of the better music because the town screen is not there, they stated it'll get added in a patch. The monsters are all new and tbh they fit in quite well, and there will definitely be more factions after a few expansions. Campaign is great, the multiplayer is possibly the most balanced out of the HoMM games and it still has a lot of replay value due to all the little things you can progress through.

    HoMM III place 1 because it has the most iconic factions, played quick and had the most impressive spellbook. The town screens look fantastic, music was iconic and it has the biggest amount of replay-ability. Charm of it was indeed part of its randomness, but that does take away the balance of multiplayer and it doesn't make the AI any less predictable. Graphical wise it still keeps itself standing nowadays. The only thing that really gets boring quick is the campaign, it has a sloppy story and custom games are simply more fun. The Elemental Conflux faction + new units added in one of the expansions do not fit in the same art style as the rest of the game, neither is it very well balanced.
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    Korso Veteran BOON

    Couldn't disagree more... for me, HOMM IV was by far the best, because it had a great balance, a variety of interesting castles (which you had very different tactics to succeed) and good graphics for the time it was released. HOMM V had heavy graphics for the time, but still nothing special, and the gameplay was worst so far in the series.

    So, guys, is HOMM VI more like old HOMM games, or just a renewed/updated HOMM V?
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    Mizou Community Member

    for me it is realy close to 3 with alot more :) in terms of heroes but less in terms of factions

    i enjoy it seriously :) didnt expect it to be that good. and the single player campain is actually intresting, innovative and also funny :)

    i got the game for 36 dollar as special edition with all exclusive content / items and so on - realy worth it

    there is also a normal version for 30 dollar
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    HoMM VI is more like III & IV than V. It has the topdown camera that only moves with Delete/PageDown. I'll still sometimes play III or IV(because my brother loves it) but I doubt I'll ever play V again, VI solved all the graphical oddities, AI calculating time and framerates issues. Fundamentally V is good as well though, just a shame it was made on such a terrible engine.
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    Tendo Community Member

    Hmm anyone playing Sanctuary and can give me some tips? I get raped over mid game phase mostly due lack of crystals :s Can't build anything without that -.-

    Also in terms of spending your points, what tree you focus on mostly as sanctuary?
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    If you want crystals you can buy some extra heroes to give them the little marketplace trait, makes trading resources for crystals a lot cheaper. And if you need to level the heroes up for that you can pick Mentoring on the main hero.

    Point wise, regeneration and generally Tears abilities work well. Just keep those tidal priestesses covered and let the melee take the hits.
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    Tendo Community Member

    Ye doing that with the Tidal Priestesses, but I find myself losing vs necro mostly as their Archliches and Fate Weaver are both hitting shitloads and mostly outnumber my Priestesses due my lack of crystals early on, so I have a bit of a delay on building some creatures which require crystal.

    Didn't try with the extra heroes for marketplace trait, will give that a go now.

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Even though I've always been an Infernal type of player I'm finding it very dull :( Stronghold is proving a lot more fun, very beefy and high ranged damage.
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    Tendo Community Member

    Yet to try out Stronghold atm. Mostly played Necro in the other HoMM games, but Sanctuary is rather cool as well, only downside is the damn crystal costs -.- Kinda like the balance of it.

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