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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Alarisia, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Alarisia Community Member

    I hope there isn't a guide for something like this already on these forums... I kinda looked and didn't see anything but I didn't look super hard, so sorry if there is!

    Ok so I have never made any kind of guide before so bear with me here, I hope this will be helpful for you in grouping in K-Tera though!

    Class Names:
    검투사 = Warrior (rjaxntk)
    창기사 = Lancer (ckdrltk)
    광전사 = Berserker (rhkdwjstk)
    무사 = Slayer (antk)
    궁수 = Archer (rndtn)
    마법사 = Sorcerer (akqjqtk)
    사제 = Priest (tkwp)
    정령사 = Mystic (wjdfudtk)

    Class Roles:
    탱크 = Tank (xodzm)
    원거리딜 = Range Dps (dnjsrjflelf)
    근거리딜 = Melee Dps (rmsrjflelf)
    힐 = Healer (glf)

    Useful Korean chat terms:
    ㅎㅇ = hello (gd)
    하이여 = hello (gkdldu) (just another way of saying it :p)
    ㅂㅂ = cya (qq)
    수고요/ㅅㄱㅇ - well done (tnrhdy/trd) (it can also be used to say goodbye after an instance group or something)
    도와주세요 - help (ehdhkwntpdy) (what a long way of saying help... if anyone has a faster way let me know..)
    ㄱㄱ = go (rr)
    ㅊㅋㅊㅋ = congratulations or gz (czcz)
    내부 = inside (soqn)
    필요 = need (vlfdy)
    금방가요 = on my way or omw (rmaqkdrkdy)
    수ㅑ어요 = rest (tnidjdy)
    ㅈㅅ = sorry (wt)
    ㄳ = thanks (rt)
    감사해요 = thanks (rkatkgody) (just a more complicated way of saying thanks :p)
    기달 = wait (rlekf)
    잠시요 = wait (wkatldy) (yeah again more complicated way of saying something...)
    분 = minute (qns)

    Useful questing terms:
    내널 = channel (sosjf) (Example: I'm in channel 1)
    파티좀여 = invite me (vkxlwhadu)
    파티구합니다 = looking for group or lfg (vkxirngkqslek)
    엘리트몹 잡습니다 = elite killing (dpfflxmahq wkqtmqslek)
    미션퀘 = elite quests (dpfflxmznp)
    미션퀘 = campaign quest (altusznp)
    그냥 도와주는거 에요 = I'm just helping (rmsid ehdhkwnsms rjdpdy)

    Instance Names:
    비밀기지 = Shangri-La (qlalfrlwl) (level 19+)
    밤피르의 저택 = Bampireuui Mansion (qkavlfmdml wjxor) (also Known as the Vampire Mansion level 26+)
    사교도의 은신처 = Heathenish Shelter (tkryehdml dmstlscj) (level 37+)
    사령술 연구수 = Saryeongsul Institute (tkfudtnf dusrntn) (level 42+)
    항긍의 미궁 = Golden Labyrinth (gkdrmddml alrnd) (level 50+)
    아카샤의 은신처 = Akasha's Lair (dkzktidml dmstlscj) (level 50+)
    공중정원 = Sky Garden (rhdwndwjddnjs) (level 56+)
    정원 = Sky Garden (wjddnjs) (level 56+) (short version)
    공포의 미궁 = Maze (rhdvhdml alrnd) (level 58+)
    공미 = Maze (rhdal) (level 58+) (short version)
    검은 탑 = Black Tower (rjadms xkq) (level 58+)
    검탑= Black Tower (rjaxkq) (level 58+) (short version)
    켈샤이크 = Kelshak (zpftidlzm) (level 58+)
    비비슈의 길섬힐 = Bibisue's Lab (qlqltbdml rlftjaglf) (level 58+)
    비비슈 = Bibisue's Lab (qlqltb) (level 58+) (short version)

    All of this information is from fansites sites on Tera such as Terafans, I did not translate any of this myself. I speak no Korean other than what is up here. I will try to update this regularly when I have the time, I hope some people can get some use out of it! If any of the information is wrong please correct me :) Sorry if there are any mistakes I was trying to finish it in a hurry!

    Edit: I added Maze and Black Tower from what a Korean person in my guild said. I will try to add the others once I get a hold of one of my better English speaking Korean friends :)

    Edit 2: I got a hold of my Korean friend today and she answered all my questions so I can now say that the instance portion of this post is complete. Especially the higher level ones, I even got abbreviations. :p Everyone thank my great friend 흰토끼 (White Rabbit), she is the best Korean friend I could ever ask for!
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Nice post mate, there is a guide somewhere but its all good. Can't have enough of these threads!
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    Acina Admin Officer

    The guide was actually in the private forums, which Aspira has now moved out to the public area. All good tho :)
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    Alyenora Community Member

    Would it be possible to get access to the private forum area? :)
    I would love some more helpfull guides if they are out there!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Everything in the private section is now in the public section.

    Private area for TERA was deleted and it is all public now. Those of us who have started back playing will try and keep guides and youtube videos coming as we progress through the game, but if you have any questions in particular about certain aspects of the game, just make a new thread about it asking for help. There are a lot of people reading these forums who can help you out should you need it. We have a nice selection of TERA players visiting here.
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    I love seeing these guides posted, makes me feel all warm inside. It's a nice Tera community we have here!
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    Alyenora Community Member

    Atm I just find it excuse the language but questing fucking hard. cant seem to find where to go :p
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    Alarisia Community Member

    Hmm questing should be one of the easier aspects of Tera actually even though it is in korean. You can click the blue links in most quests to find the location on maps, you can press N to toggle a translucent map that will even put X's on it for the quests that you click on. If you are still having problems let me know the specific quest and I can try to help, I know all the beginning quests extremely well.

    Yeah I love the community here, honestly this is the first time I have ever really used forums. These are the only forums that I even keep tabs on at all... haha
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    Alyenora Community Member

    I got the minimap up. but theres no marks on the map there for my quests. it was in the start. but when i got to the town and picked up the quests there. it was no marks ...
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    Alarisia Community Member

    Well there are no X's on the maps if you don't click on the blue links in the quest log, you can view the quest log with U, just click on the quests and the blue links and you should be good for most, not all though, there are a few that aren't that way. Those are mostly gathering quests or instance quests. In the beginning there are a few quests that are harder to figure out because you have to use an item. For example for one you need to fill your stamina for full (with a fire), then use a buff tag/ticket, what ever you want to call it. For another you need to use a scroll to return to the starting town, then another climb a cliff using vines with F, to get a flower, etc.

    Most of those quests I mentioned are ones that you can't abandon from the starting island because they are meant to teach you something. Oh and there is a Pandora's box one where you use one of those "treasure looking" boxes by a fire and put like a material in it. Oh and there is another that you have to use a bomb at a target dummy place, I think those are the more tricky ones in the starting area that wouldn't have X's and such, everything after should be pretty simple though.
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    Alyenora Community Member

    kk, I will try that. thanks
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    Alarisia Community Member

    Bump - Lots of updates to the higher level instances, check it out! Oh and just today there was a new instance added that is 비비슈의 길섬힐 = Bibisue's Lab (qlqltbdml rlftjaglf) (level 58+), I have some friends doing it right now, I will ask them what it is like when they finish.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I immediately thought of this....

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    Alarisia Community Member

    ROFL omg I used to watch that show. I'm guessing the instance isn't anything like that though :p I asked my friend to make a video so if he dose I will post a link as to what it looks like.

    Edit: I haven't done it yet but from what my friends said that have done it, it's pretty easy and is really funny I guess haha

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