Having trouble tracking TA procs?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Gurtholfin, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    Haven't tried this out yet, but apparently your character will give a laugh when TA procs. This is quite useful as so many abilities work around TA. Someone online can probably confirm.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Not for me
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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    Ok will try it myself. Saw it in a thread on SWTOR forums and a few people confirmed it.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    It might happen on DPS abilites, or possibly on Kolto Probe procs, but certainly not on Kolto Injection for me (Female Human)

    I really hope they open UI mods though so I can have something like PowerAuras to track it, because looking at tiny icons to track TA, refresh KP and Stim just makes me feel like I'm playing the UI instead of the game :rolleyes:
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    I've just done a warzone and heard the laughs you're talking about, It seems to be linked to the procs from Kolto Probe but it is true.
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    its from the kolto probes, altho, everythime you get a TA the char kind of shimmers fast. you will learn to look for it and get used to it

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