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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Katiechops, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Saw this on the GW2 forums and had a read and does make you think


    A lot of what he says is so true, my first mmo was Lineage 2, there was barely 40 quests and after 2 years I was lvl 62 of 75, you could spend months in one area and the only instance on the map was a 100+ man raid boss's cave. The crafting, you had to gather all the mats, like 1000s for one weapon, one race and class had gather skills, and only one race and class could craft! no one else, you had to work together, there were basically no drops make it of buy shit gear from NPC's and best of all no Action House, players set up shop or you traded in chat.... sounds shit? Played it for 2 years and loved it, still my fondest mmo.

    After that was WoW, vanilla, while every mmoer worth their salt will claimed to have farmed 40 man Naxx I think they claimed as little as 10% of wow players actually even raided in the place let alone cleared it. TBC, took us something like 270 raids and 12 months to farm Black Temple and it was epic.


    Since that point not a single MMO including WoWs expansions has came close to holding my attention or giving me enough content or challenge to let me play it for 12 months, infact Aion is the only one that really lasted much more than 6 months.

    So maybe this dude is right and hitting it right on the head maybe the old mmo genre that we knew and loved is gone and no one can really blame the companies either these games cost vast amounts of money and take years to make they are here to make money.

    Which game to design? A game that keeps the hardcore happy for a year and puts off a couple of million players who can't keep up or a game that attracts a few million players but loses a few hundred thousand "hardcore" players?

    If I was investing I'd pick the second and lawl at the forum whining from my yacht, another Martini anyone?
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Katiechops, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Saul
    He did hit it on the head and to be fair, it's been like this for years, I have not had any interest in MMO's really since WAR turned out shit and SWTOR turned out to be a casual fest of bollox. I am holding out a little hope for WoD, but more for the content and the fact it's a Single Shard and CCP cater less to the casual, more than any other developer.

    MMO's are dead as far as serious gamers are concerned, and have been for some time, I hope that 1 dev every 5 or 10 years has the balls to break the mould, but i'm not holding my breath.
  2. adagio
    Being an old scrub pve'er the moment I lost interest is when gear became more important than the player. Very rarely these days do you find an instance that can't be out stripped by gear. The best players will always be the guy who spends the longest in front of his screen.

    In my last days of wow, I remember drifting through instances without a thought because I was out gearing them heavily. What I would have given for instances that scaled with gear and challenged you.
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  3. Doodle
    Adagio you should try challenge modes in WoW then. The gear does not matter there :)
  4. Nerien
    Yup it's nearly all down to execution in WoW challenge modes since the gear is scaled down, still among the most fun instances I've ran ^^
  5. Tvar
    "Have MMOs become too easy?" or "Why are people still clinging to how it used to be, failing to move on with how games have evolved?". I think this should be the next big question tbh, how does one move on from the pointless nostalgia and ranting about "how old was gold", like grandma and pa does about the 50-60's.
  6. Goodey
    Dota 2 is the only game i have played for almost a year since its beta release and im still going.. i havent done that since L2 :D

    clocked up 771 hours btw Law :)
  7. Law

    883 for me, still not as much as crazy folk with over 1-2k hours but I still love these type of games. Hour long match. Time passes by! :D

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