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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Astarael, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    It's that time of the year again, and I find myself in need of an epic-scale Halloween costume. My company recently moved in to share a building with a major charity who have a well hot receptionist, and she and her feminine wiles have conned me into volunteering for all their Halloween charity events.

    As such, I plan on being suitably attired even for the events fancy dress isn't required, so I can show my dedication and eventually invade her underwear.

    However, my issue is, I am not a craftsman or tailor of any worth, and therefore cannot make something amazing, so I must purchase. Price is not a huge object. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells really epic costumes?

    They have to be general Halloween stuff, as opposed to cosplay ideas most of us would find brilliant, as small children have to recognize them. Also I cannot dress up like sailor moon as I wish to keep my name off the sex offender register.
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    Littletoe Veteran BOON

    Go as a banana
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    Littletoe Veteran BOON

    So asking for advice about cars or costumes on boon forums= NOPE NOOOOPE NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOPE
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    I still have hope. admittedly none of the responses so far contain any costumes quite viable for small children. I wasn't really looking for ideas, more like, places to buy quality stuff
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