Hallowed Wardstones / Ancient Wardstones

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Mizou, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Mizou Community Member

    Hello, i came across the issue how to spawn guardian invasions onto them and after some read and search i actually found out how and i thought i might share it with all of u. So first of all make sure u have Planar Charges which u get by closing Rifts! These Planar Charges are also used for another Ascended Power: Holy Champion, a buff that gives u 100% Damage Increase while getting 75% less Damage from incoming enemy Invasions (bought in Gloamwood from the Planar Mergent)


    Hallowed Wardstone's

    planar charge.jpg

    At Argent Glade's Planar Mergent close to the Horsemerchant u can buy two skillz -> Guardian's Flare and Bless Wadstone

    ATTENTION PLZ ! do only buy this once ! u can buy them 20 times if u want but one time is enouph!!!!

    There are three different Stages of a Wardstone and u can see the Stage of it by looking at a small statue next to it. If there is only one, its stage 1, if there are two its actually two :) and guess what ! WRONG !! :) Well as soon as the Wardstone gets a Crownbuff and also a Vigil flying above it, its at stage three.


    Ancient Wardstones

    This kind of Wardstone will be seen first in Scarlet Gorge. It looks basically totaly different then a Hallowed Wardstone and also needs to be refreshed after sometime. U also need to have a Planar Charge for this !
    When u enter Scarlet Gorge from Gloamwood u will see a little guy who gives u a Quest which will reward u with the Spell u need to activate actually the Ancient Wardstone.

    spell to activate Ancient Wardstones.jpg

    These Wardstones once activated will make another small guy jump arround, its quite funny to watch him the next 30s when he builds up the little camp :) He also gives out every 10 Minutes a repeatable quest or two. These basically reward planarite and ive seen a Quest actually that gives out the blue third stage (DPSometer) reward. If u want the Wardstone to belong to your Faction u have to do the basequest.

    Ancient Wardstone.jpg
    If u dont stay in the middle of the Ancient Wardstone u wont activate it but use your Planar Charge ! (waisted)

    They also have another point, once one faction controls all of them (should be like 8 in Scarlet Gorge) u spawn a Raidboss visible for all on the map. I only know our four Ancient Wardstones so far, so if u find some get the location and type it maybe in this thread so we know them. This Boss is on a 24h respawn timer

    ALSO if u want to read more, feel free to take a look here

    more coming
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    Bluff Community Member

    Nice one Rodwan, the BETA6 patch notes doesn't give all those details

    i just turned lvl 31 on my Defiant and i entered scarlet gorge from Stonefield side.

    wanted to play guardian during beta so i rush the levels when the pre-release period starts, but after i read this thread, iwill stay abit on defiant to see where are the 4 wardstones on defiant side are, and mess with them abit.

    i have question tho, in scarlet gorge i used to see the lvl of the guardians below my lvl (i see guardians lvl 29 and i am lvl31)

    but sometimes i dont see the lvl of guardians, the lvl icon of a certain guy showed a "??" instead of a number, that guy kinda 2shotted me.

    i cant see his lvl because he is much higher lvl than me ?, or there is another reason ?
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    Lyantha Community Member

    Think it's exactly like that, although I saw lvl 35s when I was around lvl 27ish I think last beta :unsure:
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    Bluff Community Member

    okie another noob question,

    lets say i am a Defiant and want to go kill some guardians near sanctum [IMG], if i die my corpse will remain there ? and i have to go bring it ?? [IMG]
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    Mizou Community Member

    we found out, if u die in the lvl 7-20 area, you will spawn as a ghost at the point where u get out after the first starter area (tutorial) ^^ as a ghost ! muahaha. i just talk to the npc then cba to run as a ghost SO far

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