[GW2] The Domain of the Charr

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by F U R I E, Jul 20, 2011.

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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

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    adagio Moderator

    That music and look just makes me think of Saruman in Lord of the Rings.
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Nice post, I'm doing some research on them now.

    Can each race be any profession or is it so the Engineer is limited to Charr?
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Any race can be any class :)
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Yeah usually games don't straight up copy concept art but slightly adjust it ingame (usually due to engine/graphic limitations). GW2 really seems to add everything the way they wish it to be added, I hope this will be the trend. Makes me sort of wish to be able to draw concept art like that.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Yeah, the artists are the main driving force behind the visual development. But with Dociu as the art director I don't think the outcome could have been any different :D

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