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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Acina, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Acina Admin Officer


    There will be eight playable professions in the initial release of Guild Wars 2, although not all have been revealed at this time. All professions will be available to each race and are all being designed to be viable to play both alone and in groups. There will be no profession able to use every single weapon available in the game. A character will not be able to change their profession once they have been created.

    The professions are divided into three categories based on their level of defense — there will be 3 scholars, 3 adventurers and 2 soldiers, which wear light, medium and heavy armor, respectively.


    • Elementalist — master of the elements; the elementalist changes their elemental attunement mid battle to adapt to any situation.

    • Necromancer — master of the dark arts; the necromancer draws on life force and uses it to strengthen or heal themselves and others.

    • 1 other profession


    • Ranger — master of animals; the ranger calls upon their animal allies to assist them in the field of battle.

    • 2 other professions


    • Warrior — master of weapons; the warrior uses adrenaline to improve their attacks or fuel a powerful burst skill.

    • 1 other profession
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    Acina Admin Officer


    Elementalist revealed on April 27th 2010


    Warrior revealed on June 9th 2010


    Ranger revealed on July 14th 2010


    Necromancer revealed on August 25th 2010

    Four professions are yet to be revealed: at least one is a returning profession, at least one is similar with a different name, and at least one is new. "Remaining four professions: at least one is a returning profession, at least one is similar with a different name, and at least one is new." GW2 Twitter October 9th 2010

    It was announced on November 17 that the next profession due for revealing was being fine-tuned for release. "When Its Ready"


    So what do you think the remain four professions are?
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Ok so here goes my bet:

    Scholar -> Mesmer. maybe renamed to enchanter. (master of deception)
    Adventurer -> Engineer. (master of machines)
    Adventurer -> Gunner (master of guns)
    Soldier -> Paragon (master of leadership)
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    Divinitas Community Member

    Gunner would be nice but weird thing about ranger from what i have read is that they can use ranged, but they've said not guns right? but then you get pets with ranger to, so why would you want to go go gunner, unless they get a big advantage of some sorts.

    Paragon, thinking like auras and stuff to buff allies?

    I would put some good money on your bet :p
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    Acina Admin Officer

    I agree with Mesmer definitely as its one of the best and most unique professions in GW1. This image from the Game Developers Conference this year seems to back this up:


    Gunner, not sure on this one as there are already a revealed profession (Warrior) that can wield and master guns as a weapon and also one other profession that can deal physical ranged damage. Was thinking (and I'm not the only one to speculate this) that at least one of the adventurer professions will be something similar to an Assassin, check out this image from GDC:


    I'd love Engineer to be one of them, Asura's and Golems anyone!!

    Not sure about Paragon, looking at this image from GDC its a mace/shield combo (rather than the spear/shield combo of a Paragon):


    All images are pure speculation, they are similar in design and colouring as the previously released wallpapers of the 4 revealed professions!
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    The blue mace lady is definitely the support type of class that will replace monks :O Paladin style :p
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    Acina Admin Officer

    As long as they don't get any uber bubble type shield!! :p
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Keep in mind there is NO healer and i dont think they will give us support class as long as some classes can be support (with warhorn).

    According to pics it looks like some Mesmer (or some kind of bard(?)) ,Assassin and Paladin. I can bet there will be Assa!
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    Divinitas Community Member

    A class which has nice buffs etc but can then use those buffs transforming them into offence (aura explodes doing AE dmg etc) or something like that would be nice.

    Paladin from WoW is/was to strong, to much healing (with fast CDs) and hard to kill on one class is a bad idea.
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    Kamasutrah Classic Guild Member

    if the fan lady is mesmer .. that be cool flying deadly fans of doom :eek: or fan dance I dunno xD

    but the female with shield and hammer looks like the female version of a warrior to me tbh plus it does not fit into the main pic of classes they are using to show them one by one if u look at the shadows

    maybe its just me xD
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    The only semi-support class we have so far is the water elementalist, so i expect at least one more support centred class to be revealed.
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    Domain Veteran BOON


    Love to think about this, so lets start by the main hint.

    "Remaining four professions: at least one is a returning profession, at least one is similar with a different name, and at least one is new."

    so adding up the purple/pink lady from the image, we get a mesmer.

    so 3 to go, and i would bet this would be the returning profession (although it can either be a "similar" with a diferent name or the missing one).

    from the image an assassin/dagger profession would be a good bet and would probably be the similar profession (although it can also be the returning or the missing one).

    so now we have the scholar and an adventurer type so far.

    we still need the soldier and another adventurer.

    well we still need a new profession (so it cannot be a mesmer/assassin/ritualist/paragon/dervish/monk or anything near).

    However, from some papers that were delivered to us, they mentioned some "few" new classes that player would enjoy playing, so obviously more than one.

    Since all of the published professions are +/- returning from GW ...

    We can Take these assumptions and safelly say that both are new. Which makes sense in a marketing point of view, to let the "new professions" be the last ones getting advertised.

    However it doesnt make it easier because it was also said that at least one profession would receive a more supportive protective role to those who loved the monking job.

    And we still need some features included. We clearly miss how the G.O.L.E.M.s will be used, can either be a race skill like the norn tranformations or have a profession on its own, including all the technology possibly available in GW2 and being named something along the engineer lines.

    Being the ranger the jack-of-all-trades and the warrior the master of weapons it gets harder to come to a conclusion.

    So we would need to look to something else?

    well, the soldier could have some knuckles weapon type and have some diferent fighting styles (as in martial arts) or be a support/magical oriented profession (either being able to cast spells to deal some damage, or increase his own and his party's or something with party wide buffs. although this would be like a paragon ...and a melee paragon would NOT be new, or a W/e combo which is also NOT new).

    The adventurer cannot be a ranger or (assuming i'm right) an assassin. So something diferent, without daggers/bows, could actually be either the already said engineer, or a bard. The engineer using alot of gadgets and stuff (like the asura fella in Ghosts of Ascalon or inspired in charrs from the Iron legion). A bard (everytime i think of these i remember chasing the annoying "singers" in assassins creed 2) with party wide buffs and stuff.

    So my bets go to:

    Scholar -> mesmer
    Adventurer -> assassin and an engineer (not only with machines but also with nature stuff)
    Soldier -> Fighter "knuckle" user called berserker(?).
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    ComradeFish Community Member

    We already have the ranger, a strongly ranged-oriented adventurer class, so I think 2 more ranged Adventurer's is unlikely. I expect (and hope) there's gonna be an assassin type - squishy, but with heavy mdps, and hopefully excellent movement skills - shadowsteps and the like. I doubt there'll be a dedicated Engineer, due to the only robots we see, the golems, being firmly the domain of the Asura, rather than a class - this being said, a summoner type - concentrating on a single pet - seems likely based on concept art of Asura with mechanic / magical typed golems, Charr with their burning effigies, Sylvari with their plant - typed golems and Norn with some form of animal spirit; though I'm unsure what the humans would have (TITANS! :D We can but hope)

    Pretty sure you're right with predicting a Mesmer analouge, though I hope they don't rename them to Enchanters. Mesmer is a far better title :3
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Blue Mace Lady is the support class for sure, I'm hoping it plays out something like Paragon.

    Mesmers get a shout-out in Ghosts of Ascalon, and with Mesmers being such an iconic feature of GW, I can't really see them not being in GW2

    Ghosts of Ascalon also seems to imply that there will be an Engineer class of some description (although "Golemancers" seem to be Asura-specific for obvious reasons)

    As for the other, I'm not sure wether it will be an Assassin or something more like a thief/rogue class. Although that may be too similar to ranger to differentiate.

    This is, of course, speculation based on dubious evidence as it has also been implied that there will be a gunner/rifle class, perhaps this will be the same as the engineer? Who knows.

    Personally, I'm waiting to see what Blue Mace Lady is, as I've always played healers in pretty much every other MMO (Priest/Holy paladin in WoW, Warrior Priest/Archmage in WAR and Cleric/Chanter in Aion) I'm definitely more suited to the support-role.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Scholar -> Although they said they would only be releasing four of the original GW1 chars in GW2, I still think that there will be a Mesmer in there somewhere.
    Adventurer -> A melee DPS dual wield class similar to rogues/assassins......... maybe with stealth ?
    Adventurer -> Engineer. So much technology in this game and there is some pictures in the art book that look like sentry turrets, so think there must be some derivative of an engineer based class.
    Soldier -> Something that's like a cross between a Chanter and a Templar from Aion. Less damage than a Warrior, but adds bonuses to your group via buffs. Like a captain from LOTRO, maybe called like a captain or a Templar or a crusader or something along those lines.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    the mace and shield lady could very well be just a female warrior... but since its blue... yeah i guess a paladin / paragon class would be nice... BUT i think its a mistake to make support classes in heavy armor... take paragon for example: its a broken overpowered class... maybe because on top of being all that its also ranged! This one at least is melee ;)

    Usually colors have a meaning in guildwars, warriors are gold, mesmers ping, elementalists red, rangers green, necros green, assassins silver... The only blue class in guildwars 1 was the monk, so the closest thing to a monk in heavy armor is a paragon / paladin hybrid with mace / shield / focus / ??

    According to the information on skills / elite skills, the golem might be an asura racial elite skill, like the bear transformation is a norn one.

    Also, kamasutrah, mesmers in guildwars are casters and they use wands to throw tiny magic balls and fans as a focus item. I actually have a fan on my mesmer in gw1 ;)

    Regarding my suspicion to the gunner class, i think it makes total sense, since rangers can't use rifles / guns, and according to the information on the OP, ranger is the master of animals ;) A gunner would be something different... Or maybe the assassin class can use pistols ? who knows ;)

    So with these new pictures, i would remake my bet to:

    Scholar - Mesmer
    Adventurer - Assassin
    Adventurer - Gunner
    Soldier - Paragon/Monk/Warrior/Paladin mix. I would expect this class to have auras/area buffs, and also localized buffs (protective spirit, spirit bond)
    A name for the blue lady? No idea, but i'm sure that Anet won't disappoint!

    Also, instead of gunner, we could have a class similar to blade dancer from lineage 2 ;) that would be amazing!! xD
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Hmm i was thinking and maybe last Adventurer class could be some kind of light Gladiator? Why? Coz we dont have any class with greatsword as "main" weapon yet. So... I just hope ArenaNet will show us any new class "soon" and we can check if we were right ^^
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    Actually, in the offcial site it says warriors will be able to use GS + Hammers, both 2H weapons, players couldn't play in gamescom2010 or in the parisgamesweek because it seems its some content not yet fully developed, but its there :p.

    a melee paragon ... well i guess its way more then ok, but there are hardly new concepts to GW, just play some weeks on RA and you will see them all, even if they are not that well built due to some ingame class restrictions hehe xD.
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    Kamasutrah Classic Guild Member

    I know that xD I know I'm noob but not that noob :p I have played Nightfall for sometime now :) <3
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    I think it'll be like this except the gunner, maybe if it'd be more like a mix of gunner and engineer that uses turrets/golems. The warrior in GW2 already uses guns aswell, problem is I dont see Sylvari or Norn as a race fitting that picture, but w/e I guess they can be warriors anyway.

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