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    "If you are bold enough, your legend will live forever."

    They hail from the frozen north--the norn, a race of heroes. These massive, shape-shifting warriors prize individual valor and victory above all. They trust only the power of steel.

    The norn do not beg or grovel for the favor of the Gods, no. Instead, they revere the spirits of animals and draw strength from them. The norn can assume the form of their sacred totem beasts--bear, snow leopard, raven, and wolf--and call upon their power whenever they do battle, which is often.

    Driven from their homelands in the distant north by the Ice Dragon, Jormag, the norn have carved out a new homeland with their blades in the frigid heights of the Shiverpeak Mountain. The great Ice Dragon's shadow falls over these proud exiles, for some twisted, corrupted norn--the Sons of Svanir--worship Jormag as the ultimate Totem spirit. A brutal and bloody destiny awaits these traitors.

    Scattered throughout the unforgiving Shiverpeaks, the norn live in fortified hearthsteads and communal lodges, like the great hall Hoelbrak. They hold the governments of the weaker races in disdain, for the norn do not follow--they lead. No norn has ever bent her knee before King or Queen, and none ever will.

    Every norn knows that only the bold and the strong achieve immortality. Victors are celebrated in story and song; the weak are forgotten, buried by the snows of time. Such is the way of the hero; the way of the norn.
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