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    "...we fight for our homes, our Gods, adn our Queen. Nothing can break our spirit."

    The resiliency of the noble human race has been tested many times. They have paid a dear cost for their security and liberty, yet their spirit remains unshaken.

    From the invasion of Ascalon by the savage charr, to the cataclysmic rise of the lost kingdom of Orr from the depths of the sea, mankind has been battered and overwhelmed. They have lost homelands; their prayers go to silent skies. Now, the remaining sons and daughters of man have one last homeland--the nation of Kryta, ruled by Queen Jennah. Harried by bandits and marauding centaurs and torn from within by political intrigue and treachery, the Seraph guard stand watch over a troubled land. Only through courage, will, and unity can the humans retain their storied culture and reach once more to rise above.

    For more than a hundred years, pennants have flown above the city of Divinity's Reach, an island of civilization and peace in an otherwise chaotic world. In Ascalon, valiant human fighters in the stronghold of Ebonhawke struggle to keep the last ember of resistance lit against their charr conquerors. They swear that one day they will reclaim that lost nation; that they will never abandon the cities of their ancestors or forgive the charr, who crushed the ancient armies of Ascalon beneath iron boots.

    The candle of mankind would have been snuffed out long ago were it not for the courage and dedication of heroes. These defenders of the realm are the best, last hope of their people. Despite all odds, humanity will prevail, bolstered by faith in their gods, devotion to their queen, and the dream of a brighter future for all mankind. They will stand the wall against the enemy once more, from Divinity's Reach to Ebonhawke, and they will not fail.
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