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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Aspira, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    "I'll guard you. Let them come through me first!"

    The guardian is a devoted fighter who calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. As dangerous with a staff as he is with a mighty two-handed hammer, a true guardian is a master tactician who knows when to sacrifice his own defenses to empower his allies to achieve victory.

    Each guardian is supported by passive benefits, but he can relinquish those benefits, passing his powers on to his allies. This ability makes the guardian an excellent supportive fighter whether they are leading an assault or defending your party's flanks.

    Guardians have developed three virtues that empower them in combat. By wielding Justice, the guardian's attacks can burn his enemies. With Courage, the guardian can shrug off even a mighty blow. Through Resolve, the guardian passively regenerates health, allowing him to wade into the most dangerous situation and come out alive.

    Guardians also have a number of special skill types:

    Spirit Weapons—The guardian can summon spirit weapons to fight at his side for a limited time. Spirit weapons cannot be attacked by enemies and can be commanded to inflict a powerful attack before disappearing. For example, Hammer of Wisdom can be summoned to fight alongside a guardian, then commanded to knock down an enemy and vanish.

    Symbols—The guardian places symbols on the ground, where they inflict damage to enemies or deliver a benefit to allies. Symbols persist for a few seconds and then go away. For instance, Symbol of Faith is a hammer attack that leaves a transient symbol on the ground, giving allies the Vigor boon.

    Wards—A ward is a marked area on the ground that stops enemies from passing through while allowing allies to move freely. For example, a staff-wielding guardian can create a Line of Warding in front of him that keeps enemies from reaching the allies behind him.

    Aegis—Guardians are adept in the use of Aegis, a removable boon that blocks the next attack. Guardians have access to this boon through the virtue of Courage.

    Shield Of Absorption

    Faithful Strike

    Zealot's Defense

    Wall Of Deflection

    Hammer Of Wisdom


    The guardian can choose from a mixture of melee and magical weapons. The guardian weapons are:
    • Main Hand: Mace, Scepter, Sword
    • Off Hand: Focus, Shield, Torch
    • Two-Handed: Greatsword, Hammer, Staff

    Guardians have three special virtue abilities--Justice, Courage, and Resolve--that grant them passive benefits in battle. They can choose to activate a virtue, extending a powerful version of these benefits to their allies, but disabling their own passive ability until the activated virtue has finished recharging. The guardian virtues are:
    • Justice—Every fifth attack causes burning. Use this skill to make nearby allies' next attacks cause burning. (This disables your Justice for 30 seconds.)
    • Courage—Every 30 seconds you are granted Aegis, blocking the next attack. Use this skill to apply Aegis to all nearby allies. (This disables your Courage for 120 seconds.)
    • Resolve—You regenerate health. Use this skill to remove conditions and apply Regeneration to all nearby allies. (This disables your Resolve for 120 seconds.)
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    man thats "flail" type skill looks prety cool.. oh picking a class to play in GW2 is gonna be impossible its gonna be like pokemon "Got to catch play them all..."
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Wall of Deflection made me lol when I saw it. Should be renamed "Bubble of Self Ownage".
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    hahaha i loled!

    Guardian look pretty awesome and its gonna be most important class in each group.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Definately tanks are becoming more and more awesome in games.
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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

    There is no tanks in this game though.
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    Tigros Veteran BOON

    Guardians are more like Paragons wannabes... :)
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    Gwain Community Member

    tigros! <3

    anyway, saw that page too, think that those guardians will be some kind of warriors whit some magic from the old protector and smither monk!
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    Tigros Veteran BOON

    Yeah, looks like they took the smiter monk, made him a warrior and gave him the protection spell line, some ritualist weapons and the elementalist wards. In all honesty, instead of recycling the monk like this, I would have rather used other class specific group defenses, like they did with the elementalist and its swirling aura, for example. Rangers could have used traps for defense (i.e. healing spring), necromancers could have used some of their stuff, blood line for ex, warriors have their shouts, elementalists could have kept their wards, etc.
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    Gwain Community Member

    in a game like gw1 and gw2 where there isn't equip difference, strategy and positioning are making the victory. In fact, there is a singnificant increment of skill that are like "wards" or "necro wells" and a lot of tactical advantage in using those skill like the ranger that shoot through the elementalist ward to gain elemental damage...
    i think that ele still got wards amd necro got wells...
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    GW2 elementalists in their water attunement form will have a bunch of support skills (healing rain for example) and im pretty sure that in their air form they'll have blind and other cc-like skills, warriors will have warbanners and warhorn-related skills to help their team; every class has a somekind of support type of skills.
    Like they said in the past, every class will be able to fill the 3 old MMO roles (Tank, DPS, Healing) even though some will be more suited to one instead of the other two.
    Tbh im really glad that they brought back the protection monk with this new class: protection is one of the main reasons of why GW1's PvP is still one of the best and made the "healing" challenging, fun and not only about watching the UI pulling the red bars up.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Furie said almost all of it.

    The missing part is that guildwars 2 gameplay (from what i've seen so far from skills etc) will be extremely focused on positioning and the protection / support skills will be based on that pillar:
    Bubble skills like shield of deflection, ground freezing, (traps anyone) wards, banners all this will hopefully make the frontline / midline / backline of guildwars 1 become much more fun, since it forces players to be much more focused on the surroundings and less on the hp bars / cast bars, etc...

    I hope that mechanics like body block, that are now lost will have their shoes filled with new interesting types of skills (like the wall and ward thingies)

    The fact that the prot now plays as a soldier is really awesome, since he will have an extremely active role of following the enemy actions and be constantly on the move to support the friendlies as they kite on the battlefield!
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    Tigros Veteran BOON


    I agree with FURIE that the prot monk line was the bread and butter of guild wars 1 in terms of skilled play as a monk (pre-prot more specifically), but I would have just modified skills on existing classes to replace functionalities of the older prot monk skills. I mean, what skills from the monk prot line you cannot really replicate for any other class? Guardian? Can be a stance on a scout class or a stance on a warrior or some sort of a shield on an elementalist. Reversal of Fortune? Kinda the same. Aegis? Same thing. Condition removal? Can be a class specific skill, same thing with the class specific self heal.

    And I would have used that guardian class slot to make a more interesting class, as I said, ritualist or dervish, two of which I miss for now in the new class layout. I would rather go towards more diversity rather than just another slightly modified warrior.

    And what about dismantling the holy trinity, is not like you won't have to bring a guardian instead of a monk in your group... similar with the warrior as well... or maybe the guardian will be able to both tank and heal so you won't need warrior :)

    Anyways... I would have done it differently :p
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    Well, if every class had their guardian or prot spirit to cast on themselves then everything would become so boring and so easy. Like you said pre protting was the challenging part; putting a prot spirit on someone just when you see the two warriors converging on him is something that gave great satisfaction.
    Rewarding the player for not (only) watching the bars but for watching the game itself was the main merit of GW1's PvP and im glad that they're focusing on that aspect even more in GW2.
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    Tigros Veteran BOON

    Well their idea was to make a game in which each class is self sufficient. If the guardian has more party/ally defense than other classes, then it's only normal that groups will slot one so they won't get away from the holy trinity thingie... we'll see how it develops though, is early to say.

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