[GW1] 3. The Legendary Survivor: Secondary Profession

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Alaisy, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Thinking my secondary profession was a good choice...

    Since I discovered the bank in GuildWars is connected to all the characters on that account I stored my items, coins and gold before deleting my character again. So I restarted once more to reach level 8 and finishing my secundairy profession quest, I had picked Ranger. I managed to reach my first mission in GuildWars and completed it rather effortlessly, basically these missions unlock after finishing some primary quests and are a separate area in the world that are marked on the world map with a Shield:


    These missions can be completed in 3 different ways (such as completion within a certain amount of time or completing side-objectives) and you would see a shield with 1 sword (normal), 2 swords (expert) or 2 swords and a spear (master) depending on how well you did.

    Upon reaching level 14 I received a quest to Rescue Lady Mukei’s son Jatoro, so I headed onward through some yeti cave and killed my way through relatively easy to then reach another grassland area. I also had a quest to kill a bunch of naga on my way to Jatoro, managed to let my henchmen do most of the killing by just twanging the mobs once with my bow and kiting them into my henchmen. Upon reaching the Crimson Skull village where Jatoro was supposed to be I already managed to pull 3 Crimson Skull mobs, by the time me and my henchmen had killed off 2 of them another patrol ran in. Which then aggro’d pretty much the rest of the camp including the naga that were primarily fighting the Crimson Skull when I arrived and now started bombing me aswell. Just to make my death even swifter the Crimson Skull Boss pulled aswell and I died before I could click on the travel button on my map.

    After yet another failed attempt I rerolled once more and was confident that this time I would actually reach the safe questhub in Eye of the North to finish my Legendary Survivor Title there. I was wrong though, after reaching level 16 I was presented with another mission, this one was a little more annoying than the first one. Basically there were purple clouds all over the place and usually inside or near these clouds were a group of mobs, when walking in these clouds they caused a condition called miasma that would infect your buddies around you and drain your health. This sort of took the speed out of the mission because everytime you’d have to walk through one and killed the mobs around it you’d have to stand still for the miasma to wear off.

    That wasn’t the main problem though; all the mobs inside the mission would blow up and cause area of effect damage when they were killed making it slightly annoying as an assassin to be in melee range. When reaching 2 mini-bosses at the end I had cleared all the mobs around them just in case they’d agro, they were rather hard hitting but I managed to get them down. The very last boss was sitting in the middle of a purple cloud but for some reason it didn’t cause miasma making it relatively easy to take it and its minions around it out. Mission completed, but as it took me so long the shield on my map only contained 2 swords and lacked a spear. On top of that I did not really want to come back at a later stage to explore the last parts of the mission map that were missing, so I went and started the same mission again. This time I put all my attributes and skill points in my secondary profession to make sure the mob’s dying explosion wouldn’t reach me while I twanged the mobs with my bow from range.

    Unfortunately what I didn’t keep in mind was that if you’re ranged that you’re going to be clumped up together with your ranged henchmen buddies in tight places such as bridges. The 2 mini-bosses at the end were unfortunately stationed on a bridge and while I was stabbing them fairly safely on my first attempt in melee range I was now shooting them from ranged clumped up with my henchmen. One of the mini-bosses did some sort of massive ranged AoE* attack and killed me and most of my henchmen, so once again I had to start over.

    To keep track of my deaths, here’s the map and the path I followed when heading out and getting killed. (click the header to see the full size)

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    OMFG PETE! you are totally on the lead for best blog award :D
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    [mention=13]Spectre[/mention] make sure you rate his blogs then. (top right corner of the Blog, says "Rate This Entry")
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    Acina Admin Officer

    I did it, finally got Legendary Survivor. Did it the questy way tho (bonkers I know), although after 2 near death experiences at around 1.1Million XP i succumbed to the Kilroy and finished it there!
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    haha grats! I need to start playing again, finally got my Fallout: New Vegas working without crashing every 30 seconds. Uninstalled my legal steam copy and grabbed a torrented SKIDROW version... You'd think they're actually trying to get people to pirate copies. Games for Windows Live and Steam can go to hell :(
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Tut tut (although I suppose you have a legit copy, so semi-forgiven)!
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    yea I'd buy any Fallout game without hesitation but if you screw up the game more then you fix it with patches its not something I appreciate, especially if updates are automated (by steam) aswell.

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