[GW1] 1. Firing up GuildWars the Complete Collection.

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Alaisy, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Hey there,

    My ingame name is Alaisy and I'll be posting regularly how I'm going through the process of getting the Hall of Monuments in GuildWars completed in preparation for GuildWars 2. There's probably plenty of guides to read on how to do this but this'll be more of a personal walkthrough be it useful or not at all.

    So after our latest MMO adventure in Aion which ended due to an unbalanced sieging experience, I received The GuildWars Complete Collection. Now there’s this Hall of Monuments in GuildWars 2 that’s going to add some items/titles/pets to the game if you unlock monuments in GuildWars, so the plan was to complete as many of these as I could before the release of GuildWars 2 just to be 100% prepared for the upcoming game.

    Even though GuildWars 1 is not exactly new anymore, it still has a lot of people playing it and it sure has a lot of content. The Hall of Monuments can be found here: Hall of Monuments

    I figured that my first monument to get should be the Legendary Survivor title. Basically you get the title if you can prevent your character from dying until level 20 for the first rank and accumulate a total of 1,337,500 XP (technically level 102) for the third (last) rank. With that decided all I had to do was pick a profession, pick one of the worlds to play in (Prophecies, Factions or Nightfall) and create a character. So I picked Assassin as my profession, obviously after searching for some hot armor skins. As I could only play an Assassin in Factions it was the only way to go for me. Next up was generating the character. One thing I am always dead-set on is the gender as I only play female characters.

    On to character generation, one of my worst obsessions in any RPG. Unfortunately compared to many other MMORPG’s the cosmetic options in GuildWars are very limited compared to games such as Age of Conan, City of Heroes/Villains and Aion but also much older games like Star Wars: Galaxies. Fortunately this made generating my character take only half an hour rather than a whole day.

    Character made and goal set, it was time to log in and start playing.

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