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    MMOs have done a terrible job of making a character feel unique,"

    NCSoft have uncorked their almighty info-bottle, and all sorts of details are spewing forth. Ree Soesbee, a Lore & Continuity Designer (a writer, then) for Guild Wars 2 spoke to us about the future of Tyria and the exciting ways that GW2 will allow players to personalise their characters and play through a unique storyline. We've also got some new screens to show you.

    The most exciting of Guild Wars 2's boasts is that Tyria will be full of "constantly changing events occurring throughout each region that allow the various factions, races, and individuals of the world to interact." For example, you might pass a burning village, and if you don't help put it out, it'll burn down forever.


    This is refreshing news for gamers who are tired of the non-permanence of MMOs, but Ree was most excited to talk to us about the character biography and how your personal quest chain will go on to build upon it. At character creation, you'll be asked around ten questions, with different available answers depending on your race and class. These will define what sort of personality your character has, whether they have a soft spot for a particular race, what their cultural background was, and so on.


    These choices are reflected in your Home instance, a private section of your home city. Ree says that two players will "quickly differentiate their personal area through choices in the storyline. They will encounter different adventures, make different decisions, and their home will change to match their story."

    We asked Soesbee about interaction with NPCs - if it was still a case of getting a quest or if you could interact with them in a more meaningful way. She had this to say:

    Ree Soesbee: "It's less like 'quests' like you see in a traditional MMO and it really is more like a story. You're not going to find an NPC with a quest hanging over his head and go talk to him and find out what he wants, you're going to go to your home instance and a Grawl is going to walk up to you and he's going to say "Please, please, will you help my people?" It's a lot less static and 'wall of text' than you see in other MMOs because we're trying to make the world feel like it's alive around you. When you've made these decisions in your biography, we never want to refer to them directly and say for example, "Congratulations! Your Grawl storyline has opened!" Instead, because you chose certain options, the Grawl in the world know that you're friendly, and they'll walk up to you because you have that reputation and they'll interact with you that way."


    They're promising Mass Effect-style strategic options for quests - choosing to attack at nightfall, or to call a truce for talks, or to charge in spells blazing - and hinting that those choices will haunt you for better or worse via your home instance. Soesbee has confirmed that there'll be a level of strategic, moral, or narrative choice in every story event.

    Ree Soesbee: "Every story has at least one moment of choice where you are deciding, and sometimes the decision can be very difficult. One of the human storylines is that the bad guys have decided to attack an orphanage and a military hospital. You only have time to save one, and so in the storyline you pick which one you are going to, someone else is going to go to the other. But that means that you're deciding how your character approaches it and so it might be very very different. Some of the storyline choices are things like "I choose to ride into the Centaur camp and challenge their leader to a duel" versus "I choose to wait until nightfall and sneak in and try and get the hostages out." So it can be a moral choice, it can be a strategic choice; it can be any number of things."

    Exciting stuff.

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