Guild Wars 2 : Shadows in the Water - The Krait.

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    Ree Rosbee from ArenaNet just posted an awesome Guild Wars 2 lore update on their blog. Its about the Krait, a race of ruthless creatures dwelling in the depths of the sea. The Krait were also featured in the original Guild Wars game but this time ArenaNet wanted to tell us more about them.
    So the article unveils details about the Krait society structure and talks about their religious beliefs as well.
    Definitely a good read.

    Below are some quotes from Ree's article :

    " For centuries, tales have been told of pillared cities rising above the water far out at sea. Spires reach up from the waves with no land visible on any horizon, and their bases coil down into the ocean depths where no air-breather could survive. Lost sailors live there, their ships crushed by storms. Glittering parapets soar, formed from wood, glass, and pirate treasure long thought to be lost at sea. "


    " The krait are intelligent serpent-like creatures with long tails suited for speed in the water, but torsos and arms that are more humanoid—albeit with scales, horns, and lizard-like heads. They are incredibly vicious creatures, completely uninterested in the needs or well-being of others. Coming close to death transforms them, causing them to shape-shift out of religious frenzy; in such a state, they are even more difficult to destroy.
    Equally comfortable above and below the water, the krait have never felt truly threatened by any of the land-dwelling races of Tyria. Perhaps that is why they have not bothered to communicate with other races. They have no need of anything land-dwellers can give them, other than slaves for their use and sacrifices for their rituals. However, the krait can seize those for themselves—with ruthless efficiency.

    Even the amphibious hylek are at a disadvantage when fighting underwater. No hylek tribe has been able to mount an effective force against the krait. The quaggan are terrified of them and tell tales of their monstrous chantries beneath the sea. The krait have never been beaten, and do not believe themselves to be defeatable. They are convinced that they are blessed and elevated: the superior species in the world. "
    You can read the whole Krait lore update article here.


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