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    Karasu Community Member

    I'll quickly write down a few core ideas, I might make it into a decent guide later.

    • Sword - 2/5
      • (2) Infiltrator's Strike (3i): Shadowstep to a foe and strike them. Use Shadow Return to shadowstep back and cure one condition.
        Inflicts Immobilize (1 1/4s), range 600
    • Short Bow - 4/5
      • (3) Disabling Shot (3i): Do an evasive leap away from your foe while firing a crippling shot. (Jump backward)
        Inflicts Cripple (3 1/2s), range 900, combo finisher
      • (5) Infiltrator's Arrow (6i): Fire an arrow and shadowstep to the target area, blinding nearby foes.
        Range 900
    • Dagger - 4/5
      • (4) Dancing Dagger (3i): Throw a dagger that cripples nearby foes and returns to you.
        4 Targets, Inflicts Cripple (6s), range 900, combo finisher
      • (5) Cloak and Dagger (6i): Stab your foe and vanish in stealth, leaving them vulnerable
        Inflicts Vulnerability (6s), Stealth (3s), range 130
    • Pistol - 1/5
      • (4) Headshot (4i): Daze your foe with a head shot.
        Inflicts Daze (1/4s), range 900
      • (5) Black Powder (6i): Fire a black powder shot, blinding nearby foes with the smoke clout.
        Combo field smoke, combo finisher physical projectile, range 900
    Dagger (4) and Short Bow (3) and (5) are very useful skills to improve mobility in WWW.

    • Heal (r30): Hide in Shadows: 3s stealth
    • Tripwire (r30): Set a trap that knocks down foes when triggered. 3s KD, 6s Cripple
    • Infiltrator's Signet (r30): (Active) Shadowstep to your foe, breaks stun, range 900
    • Shadowstep (r50): Shadowstep to target area. Becomes Shadow Return, which returns you to your starting area and cures three conditions. Breaks stun, range 1200
    • Scorpion Wire (r30): Throw a scorpion wire and pull your foe to you. Range 900
    • Caltrops (r30): Scatter clatrops that bleed and cripple foes. 12s Cripple
    • Ice Drake Venom (r40): Chill foes with the next three attacks. 1+1/4s Chilled
    • Needle Trap (r30): Set a trap that immobilizes and poisons foes when triggered. 3+1/4s Immobilize
    • Blinding Power (r60): Blind foes in the target area and grant stealth to nearby allies. 3s Stealth
    • Devourer Venom (r40): Your next two attacks immobilize. 2+1/4s Immobilize
    • Signet of Shadows (r30): (Passive) +25% ms
    • Roll for Initiative (r60): Evade backward to regenerate initiative and recover from crippled, chilled and immobile. +6 initiative, breaks stun
    • Shadow Refuge (r60): Create a pulsing refuge at the target area that heals allies and cloaks them in stealth. 3s Stealth each pulse
    • Basilisk Venom (r40): Your next attack turns your foe to stone. 1s Stone Duration
    • Deadly Arts
    • Critical Strikes
    • Shadow Arts
      • (Minor 5) Last Refuge : Use Blinding Powder when your health reaches 25% (r90)
    • Acrobatics
      • (Minor 5) Expeditious Dodger : Gain 2 seconds of swiftness on evade
      • (Minor 10) Feline Grace : Dodging returns some of the endurance used.
      • (Major X) Hard to Catch : Shadowstep away and give swiftness (12s) when you are disabled (stun, daze, float, knock down, launch, knock back, sink, or fear.) (r60)
    • Trickery
      • (Minor 10) Preparedness : Increases maximum initiative by 3
    These are just some of the traits and utilities to consider. I've marked my favorite and most useful ones.
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    Torch Community Member

    I found so far this is the best build that suits me for WvWvW,


    As for traits i focus on critical strikes and power.

    The reason why i prefer dagger instead of sword is that sword is somehow aoe dmg dealer while dagger is single target.

    (2) hearthseaker is the best skill so far :), very cheap you can burst 4-5 hits in short period of time, and as the target is lower on health you do even more dmg. And it have leap which is usefull when enemy is evading attacks you can still leap and close the distance.

    (3) good skill stat can be used when f1 is on CD also provide blind on target

    So play style is like if we are holding the ground and defending our self then the short bow is in use, to do a lot aoe dmg and hit enemies from the distance. if i see some enemies that are closer to us, i pull him with scorpion wire and my fellow boonies provide my enemy quick and painfull death. Also if i see some enemy close to us and with hp around 50% i switch to daggers jump on target, perform couple heartseakers, or if target is surounded with couple enemies i open with (5) blackpowder to blind them, end then jump on the target and do a massive dmg burst. Also in most cases target try to run away which is even more funny because i gain extra 7% crit chance by hitting them from behind.

    After target is down i switch back to Short bow and run away back to the guild group and using evades and (3) Disabling shot to gain extra evade and getting the distance.

    Also hide in shadows and shadow refuge provide stealth for short period of time which is good for escape situations from zerg groups, while signet of shadows give permanent 25% faster running and it is easier to chase targets.
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    Bluff Community Member


    well. this my future thief wvw build,

    Bow - a must for aoes in zerg vs zerg
    Pistol/dagger, pistol for ranged + dagger for hides (to escape zerg or more dmg with sneak attacks)

    - a balance between crit/power/surviv
    - 50% fall dmg + hide is awsome, imagine group chasing you and you jump from a cliff they die and you dont, even if all survive you hide which helps u run away.

    Scorpion Wire - usefull in zvz to pull a foe with 50% hp before he runs back far away behind his zerg
    i usually move abit forward pull him and spam bow ability 3 to snare the foe and dodge ( cuz i get auto-targeted for being at the frontline)

    Shadow Refuge - support skill

    Shadowstep + Cloak and dagger:
    this is the best combo for thief in zerg vs zerg, you shadowstep in middle of their zerg and cast your elite, creating chaos and reflecting all projectiles (fun stuff), then return safely to ur orignal location loosing 3 conditions that might be picked up from melee or aoes casted at yourself :)

    if it is synched with 2-3 thiefs and organized zerg push, it is a win.

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