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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Gurtholfin, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    After first night in WvWvW and starting to apply Guardian skills in that context, I thought it might be useful to set up a post to discuss skills. I'll tidy up this top post if we start getting some useful discussion.

    But just to get the thread going, these are the skills I found most useful:

    Virtue : Virtue of Resolve Health Regeneration and Emergency AOE heal (albeit a bit weak)

    Empower: (channels might and heals on completion) - I found this the best heal as if I stood in a group it would hit dozens of players and heal them.

    Line of Warding: (places a line the enemy can't cross) very useful for running away or preventing escape by enemies. Some graphics issues here making it hard to place accurately at times

    Symbol of Swiftness: (symbol on the ground to speed up allies (and damage enemies)) again very useful. The speed buff thrown down for increased mobility.

    Orb of Light: (cast a ball of light that moves, which you can then detonate to heal) - NOT useful. This either didn't work for me or else graphics problems were occuring. I would cast the spell but never see the ball of light. Assuming it was invisible due to graphics I would try to detonate it, but would see neither graphics nor healing indications to suggest whether it did anything.

    Healing Breeze (heal enemies in a cone in front of you) - this seemed to suck balls even though I expected it to be good. Generally I only got numbers to suggest that I'd healed myself and max 1-2 other players. Did others experience this?

    Wall of Reflection (creates a wall which reflects projectiles back to the originator) this seemed pretty awesome but I can't be entirely sure in the mess that is WWW. Seemed to reduce the damage being taken in an area considerably.

    Retreat (swiftness and aegis to up to 5 allies) - good for both retreating and pushing and map travel

    Purging Flames (AOE damage in a circle and cleanses conditions from all inside) not sure exactly when the condition is removed (at the stard or end or continuously) but this seemed to be useful defensively standing on a tower or offensively as AOE if you can inside a bunch of them.

    Ok let's start with these for discussion (hopefully!)


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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Purging Flames pulses condition removal periodically.

    I've also had the same problem with healing breeze, its difficult to target other people directly with it and it heals for very little in any case, I've switched to Signet of Resolve since then and would recommend the same.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    I would also recommend anybody planning to play support to keep a mace and shield in their alternate weapon set, the bubble is fantastic mitigation and can be detonated to AoE heal for a decent amount as well as the AoE Protection being useful for defense or pushes.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Note - I raid lead as such I primary focus is on watching the fight hence run as a Shout / Heal Guardians as I can stand in middle for 90% of my work.

    Virtues - On defence I spam them on cool down, on offense I use F1 on first blast from our ranged to hit harder, then F3 to sheild everyone from thier return wait 5 seconds then hit F2 heal.

    Utility Skills,

    Healing - Healing Breeze

    Retreat - Blocks a hit and lets everyone get a speed boost

    Hold the Line - 4s protection and a AoE Heal

    Wall of reflection - reflect back missiles not this works on Seige weapons, balistas, cannons etc


    I use Staff and 2 H Sword

    Staff it almost always for empower good for spamming on cooldown while raid leading, and line of warding then AoE to tag kills :p

    2 H Sword for AoE pull and whirl wind I only do this when i have no Buffs available, lilkly better to use mace and Shield tbh for Debuff and bubble

    Traints -
    First up obviously 25% decrease in cooldowns for shouts,, have to login to look agin at rest of plan.
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    Valero Veteran BOON

    For me it depends on the situation I tend to change my skills a lot to adjust to the certain situation but mostly i use the 2h sword and switch that with mace+shield for extra healing/protection when needed.

    What i usually do is spam some healing/defense buffs to allies, switch to 2h sword, run toward enemy, aoe pull, blind, burn whatever damage i can do, then when I get low on hp I dodge back to allies and use healing/defense skills again.

    This seems to make me the most useful. However when we're defending a fort then I switch to staff for healing/boosting the ranged dps, the aoe target area and wall are most helpful then ( the wall is great, I especially enjoyed it in stonemist a couple nights back whenever they were pushing just casted the wall up the ramp and u could hear their heads smash against it :p )

    In this case protecting the ranged dps is most important so I switch my utility's to:

    - Sanctuary - Form a protective shelter that prevents foes and projectiles from entering and heals allies.

    - Bane signet - Attack boost for ranged dps.

    - Hold the line - Protection and regeneration.

    Anyway this seems the most logic thing for me, i'm only lvl 30 so I still need to unlock a lot of skills. :)
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    Chowder Community Member

    I think i'm going to be using a variation of my spvp build, once i level up some more: sword/focus and a couple of meditations, insta teleport for 1.8k range, unload on aoe dmg and retaliation dmg, run back and heal up. Secondary weapon will either be scepter/shield, scepter/torch or staff for ranged dmg.
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Speccing into symbols healing and greater sized symbols is also a good idea for wvwvw.

    Mace symbol by it self without speccing already gives regen.

    This is also a decent spec for pve/dungeons etc. Not so good for spvp as I'd rather have meditations that heal.
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    Darkpride Veteran BOON

    Okay after first two evenings of lvl 80 WvWvW my 2 cents for this:

    Virtues (of course skilled for buffs): F1 i save for huge engages or killing bosses with buff (only conditiondmgcounts),F2 i hold back pretty much like katie said, F3 i normally wait a bit till i see 1 or 2 other guardians use it (to not overbuff the aegis).. we could make an order who uses it when (eg katie-me-hsulf etc.) to optimize it (aka go french).

    Weapons i use Mace/Shield+Greatsword...5 from shield is simply to good to negate alphastrikes ,seperate raidparts,counter siegeweapons,get people up under it,and staff simply gives me nothing i want,runspeed we already have pleanty in zerg,and the 4 keeps me from going in ,i think we have enough eles for standing in the backline and healing aoe ,we dont need a guarding doing that too. Gs is simply good for tagging enemys (need badges!) und chasing left overs with leap/line.

    Healingspell: I kinda switch between the basic one and healing breeze...while healing breeze will be obv. better vs coordinated grps of people the basic one just is epic for the stuff we did the last two nights (likes running face first into 20-30 randoms and katie and me coming out at the end of them and turning back into them),cause u block just so much dmg the focus on you cause they see one huge (or tiny) guardian just jumping into them and they are lilke "KILL HIM!"


    Wall of Reflection : While this is obv. a kickassspell vs randoms and i use him at the moment,there might be the time we can drop this..i think in 2-3 months every PvP guild will be able to insta dmg stop the spell when they see him and he gets not as huge as he is now vs rnd zergs where people just kill themselfes on it.

    Retreat : 1 extra aegis and speedbuff ..ideal for engages

    Hold the Line : some extra regen and protection .

    Spells i thought about : Sanctuary (sounds kinda nice,but i think for bigger zergs ,its a bit to tiny...if we dont get like real hardcore and organize being on one spot vs certain things so sanctuary used from the guardians in order can really be useful) , the healing improved signet (forgot the name)..itself dont gives you much but the in smallscale fights the instant rezz can really be kickass.Charr Racial casttime might+fury for max dps.

    Eliteskill: Charr Aoebombardment (i never saw any use of the guardian ones..and i dont think you will want to see my wardband or the charrzoka!).
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    Hallo guardians!!

    I have a quick question. Last night when we was defending greenlake with 6 arrow carts. The arrow cart was taking some nasty dmg. I couldnt understand why first, but i found the source!!! Retaliation fuck yeah! stack that shit on the whole guild and we are immune to arrow carts, cos it will just kill itself! Can we try it out at some point?
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    yeah i figured that out as well after a while. During one push my arrowcart was destroyed after 5-6 shots from 100%. So much damage got reflected back to me it was silly. Stacking retaliation would probably destroy any siege weapon that is firing at us
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    Doku Community Member

    FUCK ...OFCOURSE....your brilliant... my god we can make groups with a guardian in each group and have those things kill them selves... :O

    while raiding we should make groups with a guardian in each group
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    Im not sure that you need them to be in ur grp for that. Think it buffs all allies around them
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    yeah dont need to be in same group;. Retaliation is a symbol onn the floor using a gs, and also a shout.

    Normally, these skills affect 5 players max, using group members as a priority. So yeah, guardian in each group or evenly spread out.

    Also guardian has 2 reflect shields which would reflect the damage back more effectively. Retaliation is just reflecting some of the damage back, not all.
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    Do u have any number of how many % it reflect? since a arrowcart does between 700-1000 dmg per hit. and if it hits like 20 ppl with reflect it should die in seconds
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    testing here we come!! :D

    Not sure how much hp an arrow cart has also in comparison.

    Reflect is, now someone correct me but, 100% of damage? or very similar. I've blown myself up on guardian reflect walls on my ele before.

    I think they changed one of the reflects to an absorb which isn't good :( so yeah the 1 reflect + retaliation will likely be the way forward.
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    Is retaliation/reflect something that can be build into the normal tanky/healing guardian?
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    Valero Veteran BOON

    I dont think it's actual reflect but a certain amount of dmg dealt to the opponent every time they hit you..
    So an arrow cart hitting you and allies around you with retaliation counts as alot of hits which will result in your hp dropping quite rapidly :p
    but i think this only counts for retaliation..
    I think the shields do actually reflect the amount of damage dealt and they reflect projectiles, so only the things shot at you i guess..

    more info on reflect build guardian:
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    yeah, definitely. Also if people leap through the symbols we put on the floor they all get retaliation also = retaliation time stacking.

    Mostly all guardians carry a GS, some don't, and all guardians can swap out on utility skill for the reflect, so this could easily be done.
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Retaliation and reflect are two different things. You make it sound like they are the same in your above post.

    Retaliation = you still take damage but for every hit on you gives x amount (not a %) back to the attacker.

    Reflection = you take minimal damage and reflect mostly/all damage (a %) to the attacker.
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    Sweet. Think this is gonna be OP is fuck. And this relflect/retaliation is not only for arrowcart and siege weapons, but does shit loads of dmg to players aswell.

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