GSTL Format, Tickets and Start Date Announced

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    GSTL is retuning on January 27th and will be broadcast every Friday (18:10 KST) and Saturday (14:10 KST) and will last three months from start to finish.

    The new format for this years GSTL has been announced and you can read it in full at teamliquid:

    For those unable to click a link and read it for yourselves, its basically almost identical to the new GSL format. They have 10 teams, but the top two from last season get seeded to Ro8 automatically (thats MVP and PRIME). The other 8 teams are split into two groups of 4 and play one "winner stays on" Bo7 (same as last years format). The two winners of these matches from each side of the bracket to to the Ro8. The two losers play a losers match to decide who the final team to advance to Ro8 is. The loser of the losers match is eliminated from the tournament.

    The Ro8 is played identically to the GSL group stages, with the exception of it being GSTL match length and not Bo3's. Once everyone has played each other in the group stages, the top two teams from each group advance to the semi finals and the bottom two are eliminated from the tournament. Then obviously the winners of the semi finals play for the championship in the finals and the losers of the semis get to go home crying.

    The explanation of it on teamliquid is actually really good and uses nice pictures to make it retard friendly to understand. So check it out if you are still confused.

    Year long and single season tickets are now also available for GSTL:

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