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    On the Record - Group Combat

    Tanks will have a good arsenal of abilities that will help them fulfill their tank role in PVP. A small sample of these tools include:
    • Taunt: If a Tank taunts an enemy, the enemy will deal reduced damage to everyone but the Tank that taunted.
    • Tether: Let’s say someone is chasing your healer (or another one of your friends). You can create an anchor in the world that the enemy player will be tethered to. Once tethered, that enemy player can only move a set amount of distance away from that anchor until the anchor is destroyed or wears off.
    • Pull: Another case of someone chasing your healer (or another one of your friends!). In this case, you can aim at the enemy and launch a chain at them that will them pull them to your current location, buying your friend precious time to get away.

    Telegraphs are an important part of Wildstar's combat and even healers will make use of them from what we've been told. Will the majority of heals be telegraphs and how is that holding up in PVP where positioning is constantly changing?

    Great question! Yes, a large portion of heal abilities will be telegraphed (we call this Freeform) and this is holding up very well in PVP. Landing these types of heal abilities give the caster quite a bit of satisfaction when landing that heal.
    I’d also like to take a moment to illustrate a sample of the wide variety of telegraphed (Freeform) heals we already have:
    • Aimed Telegraph – This is the type you are referring to in which you heal everyone in your telegraphed area shape. These shapes can be lines, cones, squares, circles, half-moons, rectangles, crosses, or any combination of those stacked on top of each other to make a new shape altogether.
    • Heal Nodes – This is an ability type where you can actually spawn healing nodes in the game space. Some of these may pulse healing/buffs in that telegraphed area for a period of time. Others may be consumed by the first friendly player to run to the node.
    • Movement-based – These types of abilities will actually cause your player to move across the telegraphed area (usually a line) and heal everyone in your path. This type of heal is great for getting away from enemies chasing you and healing your friends at the same time.

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